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Iran and Egypt closer to renewing ties?

CAIRO, 31 January 2008 — A resumption of full diplomatic ties between Iran and Egypt is only a matter of time, Iran’s Speaker of Parliament Gholamali Haddad Adel said yesterday Mubarak held talks with Haddad Adel yesterday Haddad Adel hailed his “very good” meeting with Mubarak, who he said had insisted on rejecting any pressure from Washington aimed at stopping the resumption of diplomatic ties “The fact that I’m here is proof of the improvement in relations between the Islamic republ

Hamas will attack Israel harder now

[b]This article is written in memory of Ayala Chaya Abukasis, a 17 year old girl who was one of the first casualties of the Qassam rocket attacks She was struck in the head with shrapnel from a rocket while shielding her younger brother from the rocket The attack was claimed by Hamas, who praised the terrorists who carried out the attack and claimed that a “Zionist settler” had been killed May little Ayala be in the arms of our merciful and loving G-d I don’t have to tell you where I hope

News team under fire by palestinian snipers

Wow you can hear the bullets whine overhead as the reporters dive for cover A short while after Palestinian snipers shot dead a volunteer from Ecuador, the news team covering the incident became the next target [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/UUJ3Y5jJHAM[/flash]

British Aide used to teach hate to Arab Palestinians

"MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being poured into financing terrorist propaganda, it emerged last night Some of the cash is even being used to fund school textbooks which teach children in Palestine to worship violence and hate all non-Muslims The money has also been spent on school books praising the “insurgents” killing British troops in Iraq, a report revealed Tories and Jewish leaders expressed outrage at the revelations and called for an urgent investigation into h

'I saw my daughter drenched in blood'

Ariel Sharon was very generous to the stinking Arab-Palestinians when he took all Jews out of Gaza and tossed the monsters the keys to the place He gave them full rein in the Strip so that they could more easily attack Israelis [quote]The father of a 5-year-old girl hurt when a Qassam hit their neighbor's Sderot home Tuesday vowed his family will not return to the city that has been repeatedly hit by rockets and mortar shells The girl, Lior Ben-Shimol, was at her neighbor's house p

Hamas leader's son killed!

[quote]GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli tanks and helicopters raided Gaza in pursuit of rocket squads Tuesday, killing the son of the territory's most powerful leader and 16 other Palestinians in the bloodiest day of fighting since Islamic Hamas militants overran the coastal area in June Palestinian sniper fire across the border killed a 19-year-old volunteer from Ecuador at an Israeli communal farm That death and the killing of Hussam Zahar, 24, the militant son of hardline Hamas lead

Muslims Against Sharia

A writer made a post today at wwwstopsharialawnet and I can't tell you how happy I was to read it Here is the link to their website; pass it around, let others know there is hope, and definitely pass it to your Muslim friends, neighbors and coworkers as these people need all the help they can get! [url=http://wwwreformislamorg/]wwwreformislamorg/[/url] [quote]to educate Muslims about dangers presented by Islamic religious texts and why Islam must be reformed to educate non-

World pledges 7.4 billion dollars, 6.5 tons of explosives found

The Palestinian Authority has received a nice Christmas present from the world this year 2007, at least in promise The PA has been promised 74 billion dollars in financial aide from from over 80 countries and organizations Of course, congress has to approve the US Pledge, and some countries like the Arab ones are just as likely to renege on their pledge as they are to cough up any money for their “brothers” in need, but the collective pledge is a huge one! Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen,

bin laden threatens Israel

Osama bin Laden released a new audiotape on 29 Dec 2007, in which he has vowed to fight Israel and remove the Jews from Palestine [b]"We intend to liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the Jordan river to the sea" "We will not recognize even one inch for Jews in the land of Palestine as other Muslim leaders have" [/b] He even promise "blood for blood and destruction for destruction" Why would bin Laden bother making such a statement Does he know something tha

"Be The Moderate Muslim" author misleads

Here we have an editorial in the [u]Arab News[/u] by Kareem Elbayar He seems to be taking issue with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who asks where are the moderate Muslims [quote]Ali conveniently omits these facts from her narrative — just as she plucks a single verse from the Qur’an, devoid of any context — in order to create a black-and-white fantasy world of Muslim radicals versus civilized Westerners Yes Ms Ali, verse 24:2 of the Qur’an sets out a harsh punishment for adultery — but verse 24:4 re

Religious tensions in Egypt worsening

The Coptic Christians in Egypt have understood the concept of dhimmitude for as long as they can remember Even the rumor that a coptic has raised his voice to a Muslim or has talked to one about Christianity can bring violence on them [quote]Angry Muslims attack shops owned by Christians amid sectarian tensions in Egypt THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CAIRO, Egypt - Angry Muslims attacked and destroyed shops owned by Coptic Christians today in southern Egypt A police official says the at

National Service too much to ask of Israeli Arabs

[quote]Israeli Arabs will never agree to do national service for the State of Israel because it would call into question their loyalty to the Palestinian cause, the founder of Israel's Islamic Movement, Sheikh Abdullah Nimr Darwish, said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post on Sunday East Jerusalem Arabs near the Old City's Damascus gate [file] Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski "Any type of national service, no matter what it is, would be perceived by the Palestinian people as military

Gunman in Hamas funeral procession shows off grenades, drops one .... bang

I thought this was an interesting sub article During a Hamas funeral procession one person was showing off a jacket with grenades, one fell off In the resulting explosion he died An explosion near a funeral procession in Gaza killed three people and injured at least 30 mourners, medical officials said Police said it may have been caused by a grenade dropped by a gunman who took part in the funeral march The funeral was being held for three militants who were killed in an Israeli air

Paul Maria Hafner SS officer, living the life in Spain

He eats a healthy diet, works out every day, plays chess and is an outstanding member of his Spanish community At 84, he is in the health and fitness that all people of 84 would want This health is only the health of the body, though His soul is corrupt and his spirit is that of evil Herr Hafner was an SS officer, one who was dedicated to his job and was a loyal fan of Hitler [quote]At 84, Hafner has been living in Spain for over half a century He boasts about his health, his l

IDF ground assault in Gaza closer

The Israeli Defense Force is coming closer to a ground invasion into Gaza in response to the continued rocket and mortar attacks from the strip Fatah declared that it will not sit by and let Hamas face the IDF alone, it will fight alongside Hamas, and says that the peace process will be cancelled if Israel attacks Gaza Let's look at that for a moment, shall we Fatah, led by the "moderate" Abu Mazen Mahmoud Abbas , knows that Hamas condones and even participates in the continu
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