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Google Image has a massive fail

Obviously the labeling algorithm for Google Image still needs a lot of work, before the lawsuits start rolling in

When programming students are introduced to OOP - funny image

I love this image :- [img]http://iimgurcom/CIekav5gif[/img]

I have excaped! You are all doomed! - video

Bird laughs like a super villain :-

How to create garden anarchy - funny video

Take a leaf blower and a small garden Chimney used I think for making pizza and pollute the entire neighborhood! Then Mom came a long and spoiled the fun

Is this the greatest Home Renovation ever? - funny video

Is this the toughest renovation to ever hit our screensNew Zealand couple Marwyn and Jess have purchased Australia, which is turning out to be a real fixer-upper! Can they pull it off

Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook in an interview - funny video

Its amazing what they got up to at Apple, no USB ports and then charge $75 for a dongle! I am looking forward to hearing about the IWatch

Engineers in the corporate world - reality meets perception - funny video

So take any IT consultant and they will identify with this great video of a meeting where the Expert has to draw 7 perpendicular red lines with different colored pens I think he should have just used the transparent pen for them all Problem solved! Well done

Old man talks about what he could get as a kid - funny

Its just not like the good old days, an earlier simpler cheaper time

Donkey runs away with policeman - funny video

So I have been on holiday, it felt something like this

Amazing football saves during penalty shootout - video

That Scott Stirling is just amazing, who needs arms when you can protect your goal with just your face! Gets funnier as it progresses

Dad joke backfires? family sitcker on a car - image

Funny or not I think its great but others might see it as a passive aggressive attack from someone who needs therapy

Cat stuck up tree loses 3 of its lives while being rescued - video

Some of the most unorthodox methods of retrieving a cat from a tree that I have ever seen Funny

Woman fails at fire extinguisher traning - video

What can I say, I bet she was embarrassed :-

Man vrs security gate - funny video

This is great, someone drives through the security gate then realizes the girlfriend is left behind on the wrong side and goes back again The car makes it through but the girlfriend is stuck so our hero decides to back through the gate to reach her An inevitable fitting end to the video occurs Watch the end http://wwwvisiris/flips-car-in-parking-garage/art
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