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The eternal battle of who gets the bed - cats and dogs fight it out - funny video

OMG its another cat video, however this one is well made, and the great battle over sleeping places has universal appeal :-

How to create a salad with possessed vegetables - a primer for those who dwell on the dark side - video

Is there anything worse than wondering what to do with your possessed pepper The human teeth and hearts of darkness are always fiddly things to remove at dinner time Leave the rib cage in the pepper to add to the overall crunch Yummy!

A typical New Zealand Farmer from the 1970's Fred Dagg and his family - funny video

Nothing like old time documentaries about New Zealand, with Fred Dagg a famous farmer and his approximately 1/2 dozen children From a time when milk came in bottles worth watching

Squirrel tries to hide its nut in a dogs fur - dog looks bemused - funny video

This reminds me of the scene from Ice Age with the squirrel there Funny

Young boy finds he's a natural at flying - heart warming video

While traveling by plane a young boy is allowed to see the cockpit and the pilot allows him to fly He then realizes that he is a natural at flying and surprises everyone Great

Teasing the Sniper - funny video

In the middle of war some soldiers have fun by teasing, an admittedly poor, sniper I'd love to know what they are saying :-

Games people played before Health and Safety, and suing - funny

Great party game ideas from the 1940's I guess its no worse than sucker punching old ladies now however From: http://wwwredditcom/r/WTF/comments/1wab5a/people_had_a_weird_sense_of_humor_in_the_40s/

Stampede of the snow bunnies! - video

Maybe they were migrating What ever the reason they were doing out there this video is quite surprising

South Park chefs parents meet the Loch ness Monster - funny video

Moral of the story: Don't give the damn monster tree fiddy

Negs is in Australia tormenting the locals! - funny videos

Ever want to get an ice cream from an ice cream van Just pray Negs isn't serving, he got a F starfish! Actually I think Negs might have a certifiable mental disorder Hit and run food fight

German Economist talks to Irish interviewer about the Irish economy - actually really funny

Not sure if this is real or satirical Surely if it was real there would be a political backlash Never mind, its really funny and the pixie headed bumpkins seem to really enjoy it edit: its comedy, but really well done

The best news bloopers of 2013 - funny video

There are some great ones there Some seem to come from people filming the Television Who does that

Parrots annoying cats - compilation video

Despite a seemingly one sided battle here, the parrots turn the tables on the fat cats Its a victory for all birddom!
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