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Stephen Colbert talks about his time in New Zealand on David Letterman - video

I think Stephen Colbert needs to be hired by New Zealand Tourism Apparently he liked the place

The awesome magic piano at Chicago Union Station - video

What has to be a remote controlled piano entrances and even enrages commuters in Chicago's Union Station Great

Meanwhile in Australia a snake on a car causes chaos - funny video

The incident occurred on Mount Gravatt Rd in Capalaba, a semi-urban area just east of the state's capital city, Brisbane Warning on language

Robots with cellphone addictions - funny video

A social commentary on us all or just a laugh I go for the second really :-

Sheep rescue in New Zealand - video

It could have been a failure, but they did get the sheep out I never knew sheep bounced Mary had a little lamb she bounced it down the hill, if it hadn't reached the bottom, it would be bouncing still

Meanwhile in New Zealand- girl tries to touch the electric fence with her bum - video

Girls tries to touch the electric fence, has unexpected consequences Funny

Funny Animations Of Famous Paintings - video

Used as bumpers on an Australian sketch show, these animations of famous paintings are pretty funny, warning on language Think of Monty Python animations

If you could learn to drive the way you learn programming from programming forums

Whats missing from this great exchange is that some posters are driving cars, the others bicycles, tractors and buses ALLEN: Hi, Iím new to driving and I need to move my car back around 5 meters How can I move the car backwards 2 days later ALLEN: Hello This is still a problem Iím sure someone knows how to do this BOB: I canít believe you didnít figure this out yourself Just take your foot off the gas and let the car roll backwards down the hill Tap the bake when you g

HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film - video

An hilarious parody of horror movie logic starring characters who are too smart and reasonable to get themselves killed for no reason

Drive Thru Skeleton Driver Prank - funny video

What a great prank, needs some one liners to explain why there is a skeleton driving though

The truth about frogs - funny video

All you ever wanted to know about frogs such as practice safe sex or your back may get pregnant

Meanwhile in New Zealand friends plumb an entire house with beer prank - funny video

So some Kiwis pranked their friend by plumbing the whole house with beer Funny [quote]Me and the boys played a bit of a joke on our mate Russ Kegs of beer have been plumbed into every tap in the house, with loads of cameras to catch the action Took us all day to set up but it was worth it when the icy cool beer came pouring out[/quote]

A real bastard - image

Well what can I say

NSA's response to Apple announcing a fingerprint scanner on Iphone5 - image

Now the NSA can have a database of people who pay too much for flashy electronics

Brian Blessed on Have I Got News For you - funny TV video

Fantastic humor with a very bizarre yet personable individual who tends to get off track quite a bit Hilarious
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