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Comedy Game Show host opens a box of kittens, things get a little chaotic - funny video

Jimmy's attempt to distract the panel backfires as he tries to control a batch of kittens

The pain of Programming - gif image

The pain and frustration of debugging graphically presented [img]http://iminuscom/ibaDjk7AeIcvxvgif[/img]

Programmers in relationships - funny

This is actually true, as my wife will attest

Australians ..... visit the Cow Downie Fair - video

My goodness, perverse goings on in rural Australia at the Cow Downie Fair Severe warning on language and content but funny non the less You have been warned

News reader gets pranked - Captain Sum Ting Wong - funny?

Sum Wan is getting fired In all seriousness the news reader for a TV station read out these fake names of the Pilots of the Asiana plane that crashed How could they not think this was suspect

North Korea unveils new computer technology - image

Kim Jong Un inspects “new” military technology made by unit 1501 of the Korean People’s Army REUTERS/KCNA From the country who want to attack the USA and South Korea turning them into a sea of flames, this recent propaganda photo does little to assuage our fears, it really does look like their technology has reached new heights of sophistication That mouse alone can send shivers down your spine I wonder if he has a color screen http://wwwwashingtonpostcom/blogs/worldvie

Greatest Ghost prank ever? - video

It was certainly well thought out Man suddenly becomes single again

Great supermarket pranks - funny videos

A great New Zealand prank at the supermarket Funny

Worst news graphic ever? Or the best? - video

Only in New Zealand TV3's news video graphic for a dog that attacks tires Actually I love it Its hilarious :-

Lady on motorcycle takes her bird for a ride - video

This is great an intriguing video clip of a motorcyclist cruising on a badass scooter mounted with rifles and a skull and an equally badass pet bird flying alongside her <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://wwwyoutubecom/embed/lo-ZTTyKe3Mrel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

NZ Shocked to find that England has been spying on its allies - image

However the toll upon the spies watching New Zealand has been terrible to behold

Dinner suited drunk wanders home bouncing off the walls - funny video

A ROLLING-drunk reveler performs acrobatics as he trips down steps after a celebrity bash at The Savoy CCTV shows the dinner-suited drunk gather pace as he totters down the flight behind the posh London hotel at 2am He hits a side wall, tumbles, slides down the banister on his torso and does a back-flip on to his head He then blows his nose on toilet paper and lands in a gutter before staggering round bleeding for more than six minutes A source said: "He was a mess It's amazing h

Need a break? Watch Karl the Australian news reader and his jokes - funny video

This is great, the banter and the jokes of this channel nine Australian news team The best part is where he impersonates his wife and talks about his cat being locked in the car, about 3 minutes in Worth watching [flash=640x480]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/qeyfz90b5fQ[/flash] Awesome [flash=640x480]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/KE0yunabboM[/flash]

Worst mechanic ever - video

Oh the cars on fire, I'll just ignore it, nope, that didn't work, OK I will blow it out nope [flash=640x360]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/A0J_8K4R5u8[/flash]

The painful reality of a computer widow - image

Its sad how many wives are neglected owing to programming
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