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What the F*** am I doing here? ... Oh shiiiit! - man wakes up on slingshot ride - video

So guy and girl go on a slingshot ride, she freaks out, but he faints, then wakes up in the middle of the ride not knowing why he is there Hilarious Two of the most annoying people you may ever meet Warning on the language, its really graphic [flash=640x480]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/u8K4Jbpv2Gw[/flash]

How not to jump out of a tree - funny video

The trajectory is perfect, there's a large group of people waiting to catch you with a soft blanket what could go wrong Oh, right [flash=640x480]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/umBj7fC7B4o[/flash]

Ducks meet water for the first time - from confusion to joy - video

For the first time in their lives two dozen recently rescued ducks get their first taste of life in a pond They had been living for years with a hoarder who had them in pens without adequate access to water or proper nutrition Read the full story at http://woodstocksanctuaryorg/2012/09/large-bird-hoarding-case-resolved/ [flash=640x360]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/PrPajlIsKd0[/flash]

Fun with static electricty and your pet - video

Watch this puppy's fur go when he gets a good dose of static electricity, he's all "Whats so funny" [flash=640x390]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/aO-phqmyqdYversion=3[/flash]

Its a ball! Police dog invades football match - video

He just couldn't resist it, all those humans kicking that ball around A police dog invades the pitch of a football match and arrests the ball Funny [flash=640x510]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/o0GDOCE4Ef4fs=1[/flash]

How to pretend you are a sailor - funny military humor

How to live like a sailor 1 Buy a dumpster, paint it gray inside and out, and live in it for six months 2 Run all the pipes and wires in your house exposed on the walls 3 Repaint your entire house every month 4 Renovate your bathroom Build a wall across the middle of the bathtub and move the shower head to chest level When you take showers, make sure you turn off the water while you soap down 5 Put lube oil in your humidifier and set it on high 6 Once a week, blo

From a simpler time when Tetra pack containers were new to the public - funny video

This quite famous clip shows a high-ranking official of the Austrian equivalent of The Milk Marketing Board demonstrating how to use their newly-introduced wax/cardboard milk carton [flash=640x480]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/2-p8YpR7rJc[/flash]

Next stage is to get the cat to mow the lawn - video

Well this is the internet summed up in one video [flash=640x360]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/LHj0ANZ7MMA[/flash]

Fail Compilation July 2012 - video

Sit back, relax and watch the rest of the world have painful accidents in July [flash=640x360]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/XnToqWy6x-k[/flash]

Dog carries the cat home - funny video

Its time for that darn cat to go inside, as herding him didn't work, this smart dog just carried him on his neck Cat didn't seem to mind at all Great viewing [flash=640x480]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/LDLCJeYeiPwversion=3[/flash]

Redneck camping fun - video

Unsuspecting victim gets a surprise Funny in a Schadenfreude sort of way [flash=640x480]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/oUD3gnCXln8[/flash]

Your home tools, what they do - funny

HAMMER: Originally employed as a weapon of war, the hammer nowadays is used as a kind of divining rod to locate the most expensive parts adjacent the object we are trying to hit HACKSAW: One of a family of cutting tools built on the Ouija board principle It transforms human energy into a crooked, unpredictable motion, and the more you attempt to influence its course, the more dismal your future becomes SCREWGUN: A tool for rapidly stripping Phillips-head screws Feature: stress testi

Ross Kemp encounters a dangerous gang - the Famous Five - video

A parody on Ross Kemp, macho interviewer who interviews dangerous gangs, by Culshaw and Stephenson Ross saw things were getting dangerous so he got out of there Funny To see the real Ross Kemp see the video before on the British soldiers taunting the Taliban [flash=640x360]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/EdEBsIOclss[/flash]

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra give their burger recipes for a cookbook - image

Now thats one way to make a burger, and it comes with free alcohol

Crazy Japanese game shows - videos

Yep its another video of those crazy Japanese in a game show, I wish we had games this entertaining : Well worth watching Some guys started to get it after a while [flash=650x534]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/e96_1214357184[/flash]
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