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How programmes on a project see each other - image Google Image has a massive fail Americans wanting to emigrate to New Zealand because of a Clinton or Bush presidency will be in for a shock.... image Because ... Australia - image An Awkward blind date - St Patrick goes out with Medusa Its a conspiracy! New Zealand doesn't exist on maps - image Meanwhile in Australia ... Australians voting image Old man talks about what he could get as a kid - funny Dad joke backfires? family sitcker on a car - image Guess which nations are most likely to survive Climate Change - image Meanwhile in Australia .... Man takes his plane to the pub down the main street Denise becomes a Dennis - Steriod abuse by a female bodybuilder Spot the Sniper - great camouflage - image The luckiest cyclist ever? Amazing accident video Is this a woman, or a parrot? - image A lucky escape in the Ukraine - missile and a truck - image Australia according to Tumblr - images Aurora as seen from the Space Station - image Life in North Korea - using a computer without a keyboard- images Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on the ground - image Programming humor - When you forget to comment your code - image A 1935 wind tunnel - great old image Special effects in movies - before and after photos - images Dead Mans Hand Fungus - image Normandy after the invasion - image Hidden Beached Whale Revealed in 17th-Century Dutch Painting - early photoshop image Back in 1516 Hieronymus Bosch painted a kiwi bird in hell .... image Meanwhile in New Zealand - a Kiwi changed his name - image Really big pooh found in Scottish sewer (really!) - graphic image
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