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Programmers in relationships - funny Apollo 10 astronauts had a little known incident in flight as evidenced by this transcript - image China - Museum with 40,000 fakes forced to close News reader gets pranked - Captain Sum Ting Wong - funny? Supermarket Security - image ..... Its a Bat Jim, but not as we know it ... image and video NZ Shocked to find that England has been spying on its allies - image Android App #6 - New Zealand Phone Book Android App #5 - Talking SMS messages Driver ran over a steel Rebar which went through the car - images Better pay your tolls in Burma - video 26 ways life in Australia is badass -images The 25 Hardest Parts About Living In New Zealand - images Man has runny nose for 18 months - turns out to be brain fluid The painful reality of a computer widow - image Navy SEALS undergoing underwater training and Obstacle training - image and video Open-pit copper mine has a catastrophic landslide - images Someone actually beats the Snake game - video gif What people did before the Internet - Cockroach racing - image New toys for the military at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition -A rail gun - image New toys for the military at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition -the Sharc - image Focke-Wulf 190 comes back from the deep - images North Korea unveils new computer technology - image Who wants to move to America? Only people from 3rd world countries - image Saudi Arabia Reopens the Forbidden Ancient City Of Madain Saleh - video The deterioration of an Artist with Alzheimer's - image Awesome picture of Tu-95 down-wash pushing clouds down - image Dinosaurs had giant fleas, with beaks the size of a syringe How to stop spellchecking parts of a Word 2010 document
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