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Map of Ireland with the original county names translated into English meanings - image Eighth grade exam from 1910 (13 to 15 years old) - image Now is the season for holidays - unless you live in America - image Funniest pictures of 2012 on Reddit - images Only in Australia - Woman stuck in Long Drop toilet - loyal dog stands watch Extracting a seaplane in Alaska frozen on an iced over lake - video Archeologists find beautifully constructed 7000 year old well - image Winning Olympic Vaults 1956 vrs 2012 - gif Why I love Windows 8 - image Nice house close to main roads - image Chick hatches in egg container in kitchen - video US Navy uses semi autonomous undersea drones to hunt for mines You have to take your goat, cabbage and wolf over the river without losing anything - funny Wife chases and runs down husband because he didn't vote for Romney Man takes pregnancy test as a joke - came back positive - found out he might have cancer Christchurch City post earthquake - image Non deliberate man made lake grows in the desert Interesting life hacks - image Overview of the Internet - slide series Artwork for Jurassic Park 4 Human Dino mutations - image Only on the internet ... dog does squats exercise with owner - video Meanwhile in Indonesia - learning science deemed irrelevent at school and military Stealth ship burns - video Tungsten filled counterfeit Gold bar found with Swiss stamps - image Archeologists discover perfectly preserved spears from 300,000 years ago in a coal mine - image The last instant of life - image This hallway is not empty - image Mind twisting motorway somewhere in Poland - image Pensioner touches up famous painting - now resembles hairy ape - image 2600 year old Greek Warriors helmet found - image When one barrel just isn't enough - Gilboa Snake - image Derp the stuffed lion from 1731 - image One WW2 Uboat disovered off the Massachusetts coast and potentially another dicovered in a Canadian river Man tries to save mouse catches the Black Death - image Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra give their burger recipes for a cookbook - image Catalina N5593V Flying Boat Abandoned In Saudi Arabia - video Toxic sludge line from Hungary - image Kung Fu Calluses - image Pratt & Whitney illegally sold the technology behind US military helicopter engines to China Giant crocodile caught alive - image How not to play with a hand grenade - image Army developing weapon that shoots lightning through laser beams Surprise! - Kangaroos on the road - image The tenacity of nature - image World War Two deaths per country - image When it was offensively pretentious to use a fork Famous old pictures that have been altered - image Thieves break into trucks driving along the motorway! - video Try changing gear in this vehicle - image Locomotive clearing snow at Arthurs Pass New Zealand - video WW2 dogfight activity report - Mustang vrs FW190 -I was able to outrun, outdive and outmaneuver him at all altitudes - image
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