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Great Barrier Island

One Christmas we ventured over to Great Barrier Island on a 90 year old 36 foot ex fishing launch with a couple of friends.

This is a place where the tourists seem to be absent, with mostly locals there, a stunning little island with great people and awesome weather.

Here is the boat on first viewing, stuck in the mud at low tide.

The excitement happened when the tide came in and Bruce and I tried to load it.
The boat was stuck fast between the posts on the angle and the water proceeded to flow in over the lower deck side through some stressed side members.

We freed the boat by jumping up and down on the other side and the bilge pumps cleared the water.

We had to prepare the boat and load it by midnight as the tide would have turned enough to get out out to the sea, as it was it was about 3am before we managed to anchor in the harbour and then we waited till 5 to pick up our wives (who slept soundly in warm bed while we worked).

The dear little bilge pumps were our constant friends over the next week :)

Here we are at anchor on Triphenia a main port on the island, if you can all one wharf and 2 houses a port...

I saw a lot of dawns as the tides were at about 6am so got some nice dawn pics...

It wasn't all hard work we caught some nice fish for breakfast a few times with our crusty old friend the captain providing food...

and saw some nice views...
(from the gallery above)
By netchicken: posted on 11-1-2003

Beautiful pictures Netty. Hey, its like minus 10 degrees celsius (celcius?) here, so you know I am happy! The pictures have great color. I like the panarama shot, did you have to take the directions out to figure that one out? I must do just that one of these days. I am also go to learn how to take mpegs with my camera to make a little movie of spookie for the site. Keep the pictures coming.

LOL, you have been gone for a long time it seems, I have been walking around my neighborhood (neighbourhood ;) ) here at night taking pictures of peoples houses and of people driving by in the street. Its alot of fun, but Im afraid they are going to come and lock me up and throw away the key if I keep up with this behavior. (behaviour) Say hello to everyone for me, looking forward to you coming in out of the sunshine!
By William One Sac: posted on 11-1-2003

Here is someones house I took a picture of at night. Its quite thrilling, I feel like I am doing something wrong when I do it. I will have to get some of the people driving past pictures, those are the funniest. Because a second after the flash goes off, they realize someone just took their picture, and they get all freaked out and slow down to try and get a look at me! :yes
By William One Sac: posted on 11-1-2003

Heh, great pic will, .. the resident public snapper :)

I stuck this in this section because I couldn't get the links to work, later on I will write up each pic and add them in to the webcam madness section.

My host moved my website whilst I was away and I was uploading my pics to the wrong place! I have worked it out now.
By netchicken: posted on 12-1-2003

Those are really pretty pictures...
By WarSong: posted on 13-5-2004

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