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Near Death experiences.

Having just finished a book on near death experiences (NDE) of children by a doctor who interviewed 100's of kids, I thought this article was interesting.

There really is a large body of evidence that such events do occur and that they are not drug indices, or biologically based but spiritual encounters.

The silence from the medical establishment, despite their own members writing about the topic, seems to come from a fear of entering a spiritual debate.

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When Deb Foster died in a San Diego hospital, she found herself on a stairway surrounded by cats and dogs and mesmerized by a celestial blue sky, the likes of which she had never seen on Earth.

When it was Mary Clare Schlesinger's turn, she hovered above her bed in the intensive-care unit, watching her husband and daughter react in shock and fathomless grief at the thought of her passing.

Beverly Brodsky said she went on a spectacular journey through a tunnel of intense light, a magic ride with angels and a shapeless God to a place of perfect knowledge, wisdom, truth and justice.

All three said the journeys on which they embarked while "clinically dead," a period of a few moments when their hearts stopped, transformed their lives and left them with no fear of death.

They are not alone.

Many patients -- a notable study says nearly one in five -- who are revived following cardiac arrest, report memories of their brief time at death's door. They undergo a lucid, often indelible experience, even though they were unconscious with flat brain scans during the moments in which their hearts were still.

The near-death experiences, or NDEs, described by the three San Diego patients contain many of these typically reported elements:
An out-of-body experience;
acute awareness;
moving through a void or tunnel toward bright light;
meeting deceased relatives;
a life review;
feelings of intense joy, profound peace -- a feeling so blissful they longed to remain;
and seeing a point of no return.

Increased survival rates from faster responses to cardiac-arrest calls, extensive CPR training, development of portable defibrillators and other improved methods of resuscitation mean more people could be expected to have near-death experiences.

Though it may sound like the stuff of supermarket tabloids or the latest New Age religion, NDEs are attracting the attention of distinguished practitioners who study the body and mind.
By netchicken: posted on 15-6-2005

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