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Chinese spies in Australia that everyone denies

Recently on the news a Chinese diplomat defected to Australia because his conscious couldn't live with the fact his country was spying on its citizens in Australia (and on everyone else it seems)

This totally pissed off the Australians who didn't want to upset their trading partner with such a minor matter as spying, and they tried to ignore him, and even deny him the right to stay in Australia.

Both China and Australia tried to deny such events had happened, but this was confirmed when a second defector and then a third said that over 1000 chinese in Australia were spying.

You would think this would be an issue of national importnace, and international uproar, your country is infested with over 1000 spies by another country you considered to be a "friend".

However such is the power of China's trade that complaint has not been heard, and instead the defectors have been abused, and silenced, by the Australains themselves.

Slowly this is coming out in the news, but without the energy that would have accompanied any other countries actions like this.

Here are some intereesting links on the topic
By netchicken: posted on 21-6-2005

China's spies 'colonising' Australia
Australia is being turned into a "political colony" of China, a Chinese defector said yesterday.

Yuan Hongbing, a former law professor at Beijing University who was imprisoned for his pro-democracy views, is the fourth Chinese defector to surface in Australia in the past month.

He backed allegations by a senior Chinese diplomat who has also sought asylum that Beijing has a network of up to 1,000 informants, collaborators and agents in Australia.

The spies were aiming at Chinese dissident groups and were being used to influence political thought "to turn Australia into a political colony of China", Prof Yuan told Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio.

His comments were the latest chapter in a fierce debate over Australia's treatment of asylum seekers and its relationship with Beijing.

By netchicken: posted on 21-6-2005

Oh Hell, in America they are in all the Universities with Government Super Computers, crap they own Walmart and IBM PC's, and there are about 20,000 in Silicon Valley. What's the Big Deal.

By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 25-6-2005

The big deal is the Australain government are bending over backwards to ignore the issue as not to upset the Chinese. :)

Its funny that money speaks louder than doing whats right. The pragmatism that mations endure.
By netchicken: posted on 27-6-2005

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