Two pilots earn Darwin award for stupid deaths

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Two pilots earn Darwin award for stupid deaths

Just goes to show stupidity crosses all occupations.
Pilots' joke flight ended in death

Two airline pilots joked and laughed as they flew an empty commercial jet to its limits, switched seats in mid-air and ignored automated warnings before crashing into a residential area, a cockpit voice recorder has revealed.

Captain Jesse Rhodes and First Officer Peter Cesarz were both killed after they decided to "have a little fun" and take the 50-seat Pinnacle Airlines jet they were flying to 41,000ft - the limit of its capability. No one was hurt on the ground in Jackson City, Missouri, where the plane came down after suffering catastrophic engine failure.

"Ooh look at that," Mr Cesarz said, apparently referring to cockpit readings. "Pretty cool."

"Man, we can do it. Forty-one it," the captain replied. "Forty thousand, baby."

Two minutes later Mr Cesarz said: "Made it, man."

But seconds later, as an automatic system began warning of a stall, one of the pilots is heard to say: "Dude, it's losing it."

A voice then said: "We don't have any engines. You got to be kidding me."

The plane crashed two and a half miles from the runway, missing houses.

The transcripts were released as part of a federal investigation into whether pilots of small regional airlines are getting adequate training and supervision.
By netchicken: posted on 23-6-2005

I cannot understand why people would do something so idiotic like that. I guess they learned the hard way :P
By pizzaperson: posted on 23-6-2005

Discussion on it here, the general consensus is that we are only told 1/2 the situation, they were either drunk, or stoned.

They did recover from the stall, and attempted to make it to an airfiled by gliding.
However they seem to have done pretty much everything wrong (which isn't surprising considering the situation they got themselves in). They attempted to glide to an airfield that was too far away, despite there seemingly being closer alternatives, realised they weren't going to make it too late, attempted to go for a road, messed that up and crashed in a residential area, luckily not killing anyone but themselves.

On their way up at 41,000, the onboard systems detected the approaching stall and attempted to lower the nose to regain speed.

The pilots chose to override this automated safety system, presumably because they thought they knew what they were doing. The engine cut-off didn't happen until after this. If they hadn't overriden the auto systems response, they might have been around now to learn from their mistakes.
By netchicken: posted on 23-6-2005

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