Why are pop singers so samey and sexless?

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Why are pop singers so samey and sexless?

Great article! damn right!
I saw The Who on live8. There was Daltry belting out some amazing stuff like "Who are you" and it nearly send shivers down my back. REAL musicians, REAL grunty music!

Its nowhere to be found nowdays, we are submerged in effeminate sexless boy-men, and weak airless girl voices.

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Switch on the radio, grab a glance at MTV. Because something odd is happening, and it's been going on for a while now.

Here, it appears that there are few women or men anywhere to be heard. There are the breathy voices of ingenues; the mewling of babies; the shouts of a teenage tantrum; the whines of adolescent boys. BoyzIIMen? Please.

Nowhere, it seems, is there a Frank Sinatra - and please, please don't try to sell me Robbie Williams in this context. Suddenly and like a breath of fresh air a couple of weeks ago - and only, it must be stressed, because a comedian helped it along the way - Tony Christie's Is This The Way To Amarillo? was back in the British pop charts and all about the place. And it stood out a mile.

Not because of the production or the song, but because even when it was first recorded, Tony Christie was no spring chicken. He has the voice of a real bloke! Deep, resonant, his full, open-chested, mid-range, solid, man's voice rejoices in singing about a romantically-named Texas town. It's a surprise because it appears that his is the only voice like it of its kind, in the public consciousness, at the moment.
By netchicken: posted on 4-7-2005

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