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The history of the Kings of Britain - pre romans

Way back in the 11C Geoffrey of Monmouth compiled together the existing Welsh legends and manuscripts about the History of the land of Britian before the Romans, here is a translation of his facinating book...
History of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth

I am reading a book by this author below and its FACINATING.

History of the Kings of Britian by Bill cooper
Did you know where the name "britian" came from?
It came from brutus, the founder of Britian. There is a facinating amount of information that is just not talked about.

Its worth the read, I was going to scan the book in but the link above is part of the content of it.
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Geoffrey of Monmouth collected together archaic manuscripts from the Welsh - who were the original "Britians". These documents have been translated and gave rise to the Arthurian legends. They are also the documents that give the post above, the History of the Kings of Britian.

BTW there was a Britian called King Leir, who's kindoom was divided among his 3 daughters upon his death.

Sound Famillier?

Yep - Shakespeare wrote King Lear, based on that person.
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Sofia Morning News

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Bulgarian Land Unveils Unique Thracian Tomb

Lifestyle: 4 October 2004, Monday.

The oldest and largest Thracian tomb disclosed so far on Bulgarian land has been unearthed from beneath the Golyama Kosmatka mound, in the outskirts of the Shipka Peak.

The archeological team's head Georgi Kitov, called also Bulgaria's "Indiana Jones" explained that the excavations have revealed a 13-metre long passage and two halls walled up with stones behind the fašade.

The tomb has amazed archeologists with its first-of-the-kind doors made of marble and decorated with human figures, iron nail imitations and blue-end-red sculptural ornaments.

Further on, the first chamber showed up in a rectangular and vaulted form where a horse skeleton was found.

The archeologists from the TEMP 2004 expedition have now reached in front of a sealed second chamber, which they will try to open.

During the eexcavations of the Golyamata Kosmatka mound Georgi Kitov unearthed the impressive bronze head of supposedly a Thrachian ruler believed to be a craftswork of renowned ancient sculpturer Phidias.

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