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Males handle pain better - true

I always thought it was just me, but males really are better with pain.

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It is hard, for instance, to blame upbringing for the finding that boy and girl babies show different responses to pain six hours after birth, or that male rats are more long-suffering than females. It is also life-long. Ed Keogh of the University of Bath, in England, and his colleagues have found that women report feeling pain in more bodily areas than men, and also feel it more often over the course of their lives.

Many researchers are therefore concluding that genetics underpins at least some of the difference, and that females really do feel pain more than males.

Indeed, some go further. They think that the way men and women experience pain is not only quantitatively different, but qualitatively different, too. In other words, men's and women's brains process pain using different circuits.

Some pain scientists therefore think it is only a matter of time before painkillers are formulated differently for men and women in order to account for this difference.
By netchicken: posted on 5-8-2005

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