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Electric bullets control crowds

All these new weapons to control crowds that have recently be created should start raising eyebrows. Just what types of crowds are the military intending to break up?

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New Scientist

WEAPONS designed to fire electric bullets into crowds are being developed for police and border protection agencies in the US.

The Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency, the domestic equivalent of the defence agency DARPA, has launched an innovative less-lethal devices for law enforcement programme to radically expand the capabilities of electric shock weapons.

Existing stun weapons, such as the Taser, typically fire a pair of darts trailing current-carrying wires to shock the target, with a maximum range of about 7 metres.

The HSARPA programme aims to develop wireless weapons that can be used over greater distances in spaces such as an auditorium, a city street or a sports stadium.

Lynntech of College Station, Texas, is developing a projectile that can be fired from a shotgun or 40-millimetre grenade launcher.

Grenade launchers are already used by riot police to fire tear gas and baton rounds.

... Quote:
On impact, the device sticks to the target and delivers an 80,000-volt shock for 7 seconds, using a pulsed delivery similar to that used by Tasers. Further shocks can be triggered via remote control.

Brian Hennings, system integration group leader at Lynntech, would not reveal how the projectile sticks to the person, although other weapons designed to adhere often use hooks or barbs. The biggest problem was making the device non-lethal at minimum range, yet effective at maximum range, he says.

Hennings claims Lynntech has solved this by ensuring that its round's kinetic energy is low enough to meet the safety requirement at close range.

As the projectile does not rely on impact with the body to incapacitate the person, it does not need to be fired at very high velocity. The weapon's maximum range is measured in tens of metres, the company says.
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