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Trees on Mars? - Solved!

Finally the puzzle of the nature of the 'Trees on mars' has been solved. See the last post for the explanation.

This may be old for some, but it just piqued my curiosity again.

On this site

they speculate on a genuine pic of Mars that makes it look like there are trees growing....

The pic seems to be hosted on a genuine Mars photography website...

Anyway the article in the beginning of this thread speculates that what looks like trees may be coral or chemical constructions. Why?
... Quote:
One aspect of these formations to be considered is size. The original NASA scaled image posted on the MSSS web site is approximately 2.83 km by 20.46 km in size, making the one large 'bush' near the top left hand corner of the picture approximately one-third of the width, or .94 km across (.6 miles or 3,168 feet).

Single plants of this size are hard to imagine perhaps, making the 'coral' analogy more likely, composed of many individual plants spread out over a larger area, _if_ these formations are biology related.

... its an interesting thought ...
By netchicken: posted on 28-9-2005

maybe the dots are aliens and the darker areas are cleverly disguised structures?

By Razalin: posted on 2-4-2006

Looks more like tumble weeds
By YCON: posted on 2-4-2006

Even still ... tumble weeds on mars?

Funny how this never progressed further on the net. With the new surveyer floating around they could easily check it out more.
By netchicken: posted on 2-4-2006

How could anything grow on Mars?

''The daytime SURFACE temperature is about 80 F during rare summer days, to -200 F at the poles in winter. The AIR temperature, however, rarely gets much above 32 F. "
By YCON: posted on 2-4-2006

Looks like someone else picked up on our thread :)
By netchicken: posted on 11-4-2006

Excellent, I still say not a tree or plant. Giant worms sucking oxygen from the air. :P
By YCON: posted on 11-4-2006

I was wondering if they may be giant crystaline structures, but surely what passes for wind would break them
By netchicken: posted on 11-4-2006

I wonder if this is the explanation for the "trees"

LOS ANGELES - Mars' southern polar ice cap is believed to erupt in a violent fit of heated gas every spring in a process that helps explain why the Red Planet has dark spots in that region, scientists said Wednesday.

Jets of carbon dioxide gas burst from the ice cap as it warms every spring, carrying dark sand and dust that fall back to the surface as dark splotches, concluded Phil Christensen of Arizona State University, who analyzed images from NASA's Odyssey orbiter.

"If you were there, you'd be standing on a slab of carbon dioxide ice," he said in a statement. But gas builds beneath the slab, raising it, and bursts through vents in weak spots, he concluded.

For years, scientists have puzzled over the origin of the dark spots, ranging from 50 feet to 150 feet wide. The spots only appear in the spring, last for several months, and then restart the cycle.

Scientists have thought the spots were part of the ground revealed as the ice disappeared. But Christensen, using the Odyssey camera, found that the spots were as cold as the carbon dioxide ice, suggesting they were a layer of dark material that covered the ice.

It is!!!

polar_fountain.jpg - 161.38kb
By netchicken: posted on 26-8-2006

Yep, here are their "trees"

polar_2.jpg - 260.96kb
By netchicken: posted on 26-8-2006

:sh ya the trees need water and if it is frozen how would they drink it. i think it is just some sort of rock from the volcanos on mars ,like olympus mons, that was covered with dirt then later the dust storms blew away the dirt and unearthed the rock. and there is a reasonable solution to this problem
By tastycakes: posted on 17-4-2009

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