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True microsoft error message

I got this today, it was so funny I took a screenshot of it...

Can it be that Miscrosoft is finally telling the truth?

windows error message.jpg - 42.23kb
By netchicken: posted on 4-11-2005

lol.... that's like poetry in motion.....

man i had microsoft.

Big ups for mac and linux. (though i don't personally use them though).

By Razalin: posted on 4-11-2005

sorry i meant... "man i HATE microsoft"..

i digress
By Razalin: posted on 4-11-2005

Hi Razalin
did you know you can edit your corrections

Some years ago as I turned on my computer a Microsoft message kept telling there was no mouse connected [BUZZ] off I had just checked my mouse with a DOS program, in DOS mode, it worked fine Microsoft like to blame everything except there stuffed up software system.
By Richard Principal: posted on 27-11-2005

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