Japanese ships set sail to kill more whales

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Japanese ships set sail to kill more whales

Here we go again, the greedy Japanese are off to kill more innocent whales, for a cultural diet that few people eat and no one needs. Talk about conceited arrogence.

Whats worse is that the whales they will kill now are the same ones that attract toursits of the New Zealand and Australian coasts.

If the Japanese tourists who enjoy the whales knew that their own country was going to kill them I wonder what their response would be. However as usual those tourist communities are silent on the destruction that is going to happen.


A Japanese whaling fleet has set out for the Antarctic,Tuesday, to double its target catch.

The six-ship fleet is aiming to catch about 850 minke whales, almost double the previous annual target of 440.

Anti-whaling nations and environmental groups condemn as cruel and unnecessary the practice of hunting the mammals, some of which are endangered.

Japan abandoned commercial whaling in 1986 in line with an international moratorium and began what it calls its research program, the following year.

The meat ends up in stores and in restaurants, prompting criticism from environmental groups.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) passed a non-binding resolution at a meeting in June that urged Japan to scrap research whaling.

Japan had been pushing at the same meeting to re-establish commercial whaling and has threatened to withdraw from the IWC and form a new regulatory body with other whaling nations.

An animal welfare group is calling on the Australian government to challenge Japan's whaling program in an international court.

The International fund for animal welfare says it has legal advice that Japan's research program breaches international law.

Campaigner Darren Kindleysides wants Australia to take action in the International tribunal for the law of the sea to stop the program.

"Japan's whaling program is an abuse of rights under the international whaling convention," he said.

"It appears that this so-called scientific research is nothing more really than commercial whaling in disguise," said Mr Kindleysides.

Australia's environment minister, Ian Campbell, has ruled out taking legal action to stop Japan's scientific whaling program, saying the government has been advised it would not be successful.

New Zealand has condemned Japan's plans to extend its whale hunting program.

Conservation minister Chris Carter says New Zealand regards the hunting as unjustifiable and he likens it to hunting other endangered species such as tigers or gorillas.

"Humpback and fin whales are severely depleted whales species and New Zealand is very worried about the impact of further hunting on their numbers," Carter said.
By netchicken: posted on 14-11-2005

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