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For sale Lamborghini hits tree...

I don't know if this is sad or just pathetic. The guy had sold his house to buy the car.

This person in a suburban street at around 7:30am with a $400,000 car with 4wheel drive that sticks like glue managed to hit a tree.

BTW the car is/was for sale on trademe at present ... (notice the auction has closed)
I screenshotted it as it will be gone soon.
[img] and Sods/lamby-crashed/trademe.jpg[/img]

From a thread here
By netchicken: posted on 17-11-2005

Voted the world's most beautiful supercar, a rare Lamborghini Murcielago worth more than $400,000 suffered a tragic fate when it smashed into a power pole.

The female driver was heading through the upmarket Auckland suburb of Parnell about 7.45am yesterday when the car crashed, police said.

The silver-coloured luxury Italian sportscar a 2002 version of Lamborghini's flagship model was one of only about 10 in New Zealand.

It was not known if the driver was speeding. She was taken to Auckland Hospital with moderate injuries.

The car's previous owner, Mark Granger, sold it privately just 10 days earlier, but it would "not be going anywhere in a hurry now", he said.

News of the crash also reached Auckland car dealership Independent Prestige. Lamborghini brand manager Greg Brinck said he was familiar with the car and surprised it had crashed. "Judging by where it occurred, it's almost like something untoward happened. . . . they certainly don't crash very often."

The Murcielago is a 580-horsepower, 4WD vehicle with a V12 engine that can reach speeds of more than 330km/h.

A used model can sell for $400,000 or more and brand new it could fetch about $500,000.
By netchicken: posted on 18-11-2005

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