T rays allow you to see through walls

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T rays allow you to see through walls


Terahertz waves are unique because they can pass easily through some solid materials, yet they can also be focused as light to create images of objects behind the obscuring material.

Terahertz imaging may soon become a standard medical diagnostic technique, researchers with StarTiger say. T-rays could provide an image that has X-ray-like properties without the use of potentially harmful radiation.

It might be particularly useful to augment dental X-rays and for possible early detection of skin cancers.

Pilots might one day use terahertz imagers to generate a picture of what's ahead in heavy fog, StarTiger officials say. A higher resolution imager than currently developed would be needed for such a view.

The newly developed device is small enough to fit in a briefcase. A future version might one day be deployed to space to examine the early universe.

If money were provided, a space-based T-ray camera could be deployed in two years, a StarTiger scientist said.
By netchicken: posted on 5-12-2005

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