Mass Dodo burial site found

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Mass Dodo burial site found

Does this mean they may soon find the site of Tories, Bush Supporters, and New Zealand First supporters as well?

BBC Much more on the site..

Scientists have discovered the "beautifully preserved" bones of about 20 dodos at a dig site in Mauritius.

Little is known about the dodo, a famous flightless bird thought to have become extinct in the 17th century.

No complete skeleton has ever been found in Mauritius, and the last full set of bones was destroyed in a fire at a museum in Oxford, England, in 1755.

Researchers believe the bones are at least 2,000-years-old, and hope to learn more about how dodos lived.

A team of Dutch and Mauritian scientists discovered the bones in a swampy area near a sugar plantation on the south-east of the island.

The bones were said to have been recovered from a single layer of earth, with the prospect of further excavations to come.

Sections of beaks and the remains of dodo chicks were thought to be among the find.
By netchicken: posted on 24-12-2005

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