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Amazing college prank - We Suck

Check out this article from the esteemed Economist no less on the trivial topic of pranks. This is an excellent article with funny examples, here is just one...


Students at Yale scored a big victory during last year's football match against Harvard when they passed out pieces of paper to thousands of fans on the Harvard side of the stadium. The fans were told that, when held up, the bits would spell Go Harvard. In fact they spelled something else

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By netchicken: posted on 10-1-2006

First off, I came across this thread while Stumbling through the Web. If you don't have the StumbleUpon plugin for Firefox, get it now.

Now, while that Yale prank is great in it's cleverness, simplicity, and success, it pales in comparison to the Turning of Willy's Statue at Rice University.

Back in the 80's (1984 IIRC) a group of students from Wiess College (my college, coindentally), one of the 8 residential colleges on campus, took it upon themselves to pull the greatest prank in the long history of the university. In the middle of the main academic quad sits a heavy (over a ton) bronze statue of the founder of Rice U., William Marsh Rice, affectionately known as Willy. He is seated, and facing the main Adminstration building. The students (engineers, of course) built an A-Frame out of wood and proceed to lift the statue a few inches and rotate it 180 degrees, to make Willy "turn his back" on the Administration.

Now, that in and of itself is an impressive feat, but the story only gets better. The Administration, naturally, was appalled, and moved very quickly to correct the situation. The quickly hired one of the top contruction firms in Houston to reorient the statue. The company brought in a crane, lifted the statue, rotated it back, and proceeded to reset it in its original place. Unfortunately, when they set it down, they did so slightly too quickly, and as a result, cracked the about 6 foot tall marble pedestal upon which Willy reclined.

If memory serves, the students were eventually caught and forced to pay both for the cost of hiring the (inept) construction company and for the repairs to the pedestal. In grand college tradition, they sold t-shirts documenting the event to raise money to cover their fine, and not-suprisingly, ended up making more money than necessary, netting a tidy profit as well as a place in the history books.
By KhabaLox: posted on 5-8-2006

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