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Some Interesting pine gap (pics)

Collins Radio in Wilkinson Street, Alice Springs.
This is a front company for Pine Gap, an American company which hires and fires for the CIA and the NSA.
There is a rumour that Collins Radio may be closing down as a large new warehouse has been built in Alice Spring's industrial area.

The brand new warehouse and supply line for the base or the so-called "joint facility".
This warehouse contains supplies for the base. It surrounded by an extensive parking area for the buses which transport the workers to and from the base.
It also contains vehicles which appear to be for plumbers, electricians and communications

Tradesmens' vehicles in the new warehouse parking area. On 14 March 2001 there were 20 vehicles

The unmarked buses which pick up workers from their homes all over Alice Springs and take them to and from Pine Gap.
If these buses cannot function, work at the base would be seriously interrupted.
There are 6 buses here but apparently there are usually 13 operating between the base and town

There is a sign that forbids trespassing.

Through the gates and into special car park for visitors. Strangers are told to leave or they risk arrest for being on prohibited ground.

The approach to the gates of Pine Gap during the day. The gates are open; the guards apparently do not expect that anyone other than base personnel will attempt to enter

Here is the latest sign post on the way to Pine Gap
(photographed 17/8/02).
Not content with hiding the base behind mountains they are saying we cannot go with 1 km of the main gate.
By quaneeri: posted on 25-1-2003
By quaneeri: posted on 25-1-2003

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