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Internet TV to revolutionize the web

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The IPTV Revolution
A New Digital Revolution has been taking place on the internet.

Itís a revolution that has been in the making for more than 5 years, and will finally come to fruition in 2006.

Itís a revolution with one single goal:

Turn the internet into into a full-scale medium for High Definition TV: IPTV.

This by itself may seem like revolution enough - but thatís only part of the story.

The more aggressive companies pushing IPTV, such as SBC, are not just looking to provide high-definition TV streaming online as a single service - but instead as a wider package of ďdigital lifestyleĒ services.

This means IPTV as bundled not simply with VOIP and music services, but also with video gaming.

And as the internet is no longer the reserve for desktop PCs, that means the IPTV revolution will also go mobile - PDAís, phones, and other mobile devices.

The introduction of IPTV to the internet heralds a New Digital Revolution.

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This will teach the cable and satellite TV companies :sh
By YCON: posted on 23-1-2006

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