Scientists to hunt \"bigfoot\" in rainforest

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Scientists to hunt "bigfoot" in rainforest

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Malaysia plans to send two teams of scientists to scour its southern rainforests and track down a huge ape said to have been spotted there, a government official said Friday.

"Bigfoot" fever has dominated Malaysian newspaper headlines for several weeks now, with several dramatic sightings of a hairy, gorilla-like creature reported in the thick forest in the southern state of Johor.

One local man said he saw a 10-foot (three meter) tall ape standing on two legs beside a river, according to one report.

"Yes, the state government has decided to send teams of scientists to try and track it," said a state official who declined to be named. But he gave no further details.

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Will they finally find proof of the existance of bigfoot? We will see.
By YCON: posted on 30-1-2006

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