Earth\'s twin found at heart of Milky Way

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Earth's twin found at heart of Milky Way

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Astronomers have discovered the most Earth-like planet so far, close to the centre of our galaxy.

The international team says the planet's relatively small size and large orbit imply a rocky-icy composition with a thin atmosphere.

The discovery, involving a global network of telescopes and reported in today's issue of the journal Nature, is good news for astronomers searching for planets outside our solar system that may support life.

"This discovery is a strong hint that these lower-mass objects are very common," says lead author Dr Jean-Philippe Beaulieu from the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris.

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Hmmm this is interesting. Finding a planet near a red dwarf star in the center of the milky way. Planet X?
By YCON: posted on 1-2-2006

Let me start by giving you my views on the zetatalk site. It is my personal opinion that the zetatalk website has a lot of correct or true information about what will occur in our near future. The poleshift, planet X, earthchanges and the awakening, all will and are happening. When planet X goes between the sun and earth, the earths magnetic poles will flip, the rotation of the earth will slow down and then reverse. The red dust from the tail of planet X will make the moon look red and the oceans and waters will turn red. These things are all in the bible, 3 days of darkness. People studying planet X believe it will come through here somewhere between 2010 and 2012 (Dec 21, 2012)

The Zeta's say they're here to help us go through all these major events and they will. They also tell us they're creating hybrids, human-zeta mix and that the hybrid will have a higher IQ and be more telepathic then us humans. The hybrids will be similar to humans with only a few small differeces, they won't need to eat as much and they won't be able to get enraged. Hybrids will also live a longer lifespan. They say that humans will become an endangered species and eventually be phased out.

Now look at what they're really saying. During many major events, nuclear war, planet X passing, drastic earthchanges, major solar storms, earths rotation reversing, disease and pandemics, these zeta's will come to earth and save us from our doom. Then they will create a new race and remove humans. So many humans will accept them as their savior only to end up exterminated.

Keep in mind these are not extraterrestrials, they are fallen angels and demons. Their objective is to destroy the human race because we will be evolving into a more spiritual light body and will become more then they are. They have rules to follow, they can't force us to do something, we have to give them permission. They can't take our freewill away. SO they need to convince us that what they're doing is best for us. They will live amongst us and breed with us, creating hybrids and eventually phase us out.

My opinion on the zeta's is the sames as my opinion of satan. He will put out a hundred truths to get in one lie. Deception is the name of their game.

By YCON: posted on 7-7-2006

Mike I started a new thread so we can continue the alien discussion in the proper forum.
By YCON: posted on 8-7-2006

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