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Mohammed cartoons upsets Islam

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In Denmark 2 newspapers decided to publish some cartoons featuring the Prophet mohammed. Turns out the Islamic world were not happy, and have been displaying their anger over the cartoons.

However they havn't got their way this time with other newspapers showing solidarity and also publishing the cartoons...

... Quote:
Newspapers across Europe have reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to show support for a Danish paper whose cartoons have sparked Muslim outrage.

Seven publications in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain all carried some of the drawings.

Their publication in Denmark led Arab nations to protest. Islamic tradition bans depictions of the Prophet.

All pictures throughout history...

The initial upsetting pictures... Click the link below to view the pictures (linked to save downloading times)

By netchicken: posted on 2-2-2006

Cartoons published in Jordan

Things are heating up over the images...

DW World

Meanwhile, a Jordanian gossip tabloid on defiantly published three of the cartoons that have triggered outrage in the Arab and Muslim world.

... Quote:
Muslims of the world, be reasonable, What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman?

said the editor-in-chief of the weekly independent newspaper Al-Shihan in an editorial alongside the cartoons, including the one showing the Muslim religion's founder wearing a bomb-shaped turban.

He told the AFP news service he decided to publish the offending cartoons "so people know what they are protesting about... People are attacking drawings that they have not even seen."

France, Germany, Spain also publish

To date, the Danish government has refused to apologize. While it says the views expressed by the newspaper did not reflect its own, it has consistently insisted on defending the right to freedom of expression.

So far, newspapers in France, Germany and Spain as well as Norway have reprinted the caricatures -- some in solidarity with the Danish publication on the issue of press freedom, and some as an "illustration" of articles about the issue.
By netchicken: posted on 3-2-2006

Cartoons shown on BBC TV

Now the Beeb has shown them...
... Quote:
The BBC has involved itself in a growing Europe-wide controversy by broadcasting cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that have caused outrage in the Islamic world and led to the sacking of a French newspaper editor.

The corporation showed the images as they appeared in French newspaper France Soir as part of a story on the controversy on today's One O'Clock News bulletin and on the News 24 channel.

The BBC said it was using the pictures "responsibly and in full context to give audiences an understanding of the strong feelings evoked by the story".
By netchicken: posted on 3-2-2006

How long until the first westerner is killed?

And then who has committed the worst outrage?

and discussion thread http://www.abovetopsecret.c...

The Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades (affiliated with Mahmoud Abbas Fatah party) who shut down the European Union's office on Thursday gave an 8:00 pm deadline for European governments to apologize for the publication of a cartoon depicting Muhammed in a Danish newspaper.

After that time, said a terrorist, any citizens of these countries who are present in Gaza will put themselves in danger. European doctors and other nationals would become targets for attack, according to a report on Channel 2.

This deadline ended half an hour ago; no EU government apologized.

Foreign diplomats and journalists began pulling out of the Palestinian areas and the European Union closed down its offices in Gaza City and ordered its staff to leave the city out of fear for their lives.

Spain, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy - have printed the cartoons, often as a gesture in defence of free speech - The BBC today showed the images on today's One O'Clock News bulletin and on the News 24 channel; no other British news organisation had previously shown the cartoons.

Al- Jazeera news network just reported that a German citizen was kidnapped in Nablus this evening in response to the printing of caricatures of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in some European newspapers.

muhammed-cartoon-joke.jpg - 39.54kb
By netchicken: posted on 3-2-2006

Are the muslims being shown fake pictures?

Now here is an interesting article, are the cartoons that have been used to inflame Islamic opinion NOT the ones actually published?


Yet again it seems that the muslim masses are merely being manipulated by their own leaders to achieve political ends. I guess that makes us all suckers then.

Article excerpt....

Last November, Abu Laban, a 60-year-old Palestinian who had served as translator and assistant to top Gamaa Islamiya leader Talaal Fouad Qassimy during the mid-1990s and has been connected by Danish intelligence to other Islamists operating in the country, put together a delegation that traveled to the Middle East to discuss the issue of the cartoons with senior officials and prominent Islamic scholars.

The delegation met with Arab League Secretary Amr Moussa, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Mohammad Sayyed Tantawi, and Sunni Islams most influential scholar, Yusuf al Qaradawi.
... Quote:
We want to internationalize this issue so that the Danish government will realize that the cartoons were insulting, not only to Muslims in Denmark, but also to Muslims worldwide,
said Abu Laban.

On its face, it would appear as if nothing were wrong. However, the Danish Muslim delegation showed much more than the 12 cartoons published by Jyllands Posten.

In the booklet it presented during its tour of the Middle East, the delegation included other cartoons of Mohammed that were highly offensive, including one where the Prophet has a pig face. But these additional pictures were NOT published by the newspaper, but were completely fabricated by the delegation and inserted in the booklet (which has been obtained and made available to me by Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet).

The delegation has claimed that the differentiation was made to their interlocutors, even though the claim has not been independently verified.

In any case, the action was a deliberate malicious and irresponsible deed carried out by a notorious Islamist who in another situation had said that “mockery against Mohamed deserves death penalty.” And in a quintessential exercise in taqiya, Abu Laban has praised the boycott of Danish goods on al Jazeera, while condemning it on Danish TV.
By netchicken: posted on 3-2-2006

Islamic day of anger with deaths expected

shame shame shame .... which is the most offensive some cartoons or killing an innocent person?

A leading Islamic cleric called for an "international day of anger" today over publication of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, and a Danish activist predicted that deadly violence could break out in Europe "at any minute".

As more European newspapers reprinted the cartoons, what started off as a row between Denmark's press and its Muslim population grew into a full-blown "clash of civilisations".

Anger boiled over in the Gaza Strip, where gunmen from Islamic Jihad occupied the office of the European Union. Europeans began to leave the Palestinian territories after threats from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Jihad al-Momani, the editor of the Jordanian newspaper al-Shihan, was sacked for trying to publish three of the 12 caricatures. He said that he was aiming "to show his readers "the extent of the Danish offence".

A leading hard-line Muslim cleric, Sheikh Yussef al-Qaradawi, called for the day of anger to protest against the printing of the cartoons - first published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September - in other European papers.

"Let Friday be an international day of anger for God and his prophet," said the sheikh, who is the head of the International Association of Muslim Scholars. He is one of the Arab world's most popular television preachers and made a controversial visit to London in July 2004 as a guest of the mayor, Ken Livingstone.
By netchicken: posted on 3-2-2006

Spain and New Zealand both publish the pictures

In New Zealand they were shown twice on the evening news and now in two newspapers and now Spain has published them.
... Quote:

MADRID: Spain's leading newspaper El Pais yesterday became part of a growing international row by publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad on its front page.

The cartoon, originally published by France's Le Monde, portrayed the head of the Prophet Mohammad made up of lines which say "I must not draw Mohammad" in French.

Newspapers in France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary have reprinted caricatures originally published in Denmark, arguing that press freedom is more important than the protests and boycotts they have provoked.
By netchicken: posted on 4-2-2006

A link to the actual booklet of fake cartoons distributed to Muslims

OK, here I offer an apology to some Muslims for the tone of my posts above. I had throught that the only issue were the 12 pictures that have been shown so far.

However as discussed earlier there are OTHER pictures that were added to the 12 and are being distributed as if they were the originals.

This deliberate falsehood has indeed legitimised some of the protests occuring by Muslims.

Here is a link to the entire booklet

Its in danish (I think) and the term 'side' means page, so there are 45 pages in this booklet, far more than the pictures shown above.

Now among the pages there ARE some very disturbing images such as these ...

( I didn't go through all the pages)

I too would be angry over the representation of my religious leader in these graphics. Maybe not angry enough to kill someone however.

Who fabricated the pictures?

Westerners or Islamic funadamentalists wanting to create trouble?

This article says the latter...
By netchicken: posted on 4-2-2006

Anti western death threats

For all the insult that the cartoons may provoke, is there any right to demand death for other people?

What sort of people demand their rules are enforced over others to the extent of wanting to kill uninvolved innocent people. Is Islam a facist regime?

When the first death occurs all moral strength that Islam claims because of being insulted, is lost. Instead inhumanity and brutishness will be its hallmark, thus re-enforcing western views about Islam in general.

... Quote:
Whoever defames our prophet should be executed,
said Ismail Hassan, a tailor who marched in the pouring rain with hundreds of other Muslims in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

... Quote:
Bin Laden our beloved, Denmark must be blown up,
the protesters chanted.

Sistani seems to be a lone voice of moderation and sence in an increasing firestorm of fury and fanaticism.
... Quote:
Iraq's leading Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, condemned the publications as a "horrific action."

But in remarks posted on his Web site, al-Sistani referred to "misguided and oppressive" segments of the Muslim community whose actions "projected a distorted and dark image of the faith of justice, love and brotherhood."

slay.jpg - 81.39kb
By netchicken: posted on 4-2-2006

The origin of the mohammed cartoons

Looks like a lot of back peddling going on.
Elsewhere in the article it says the cartoonists have gong into hiding for fear of their lives.

Times online

The cartoonists names were originally printed in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten.

Flemming Rose, the papers cultural editor, invited 25 newspaper cartoonists to draw a picture of Muhammad "how they saw him", after a childrens author complained that cartoonists would only dare illustrate a book he was writing on the life of Muhammad if they could be anonymous.

Twelve cartoonists responded, had their pictures printed in September, and were paid 800 Danish krone (£73) each.

In an interview with a Swedish newspaper this week, some of the cartoonists expressed their doubts about the entire episode.
... Quote:
It felt a little like a lose-lose situation. If I said no, I was a coward who contributes to self-censorship. If I said yes, I became an irresponsible hate monger against Islam,
one of the cartoonists said.
By netchicken: posted on 5-2-2006

Syrians Torch Embassies Over Caricatures

... Quote:
DAMASCUS, Syria - Thousands of Syrians enraged by caricatures of Islam's revered prophet torched the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus on Saturday — the most violent in days of furious protests by Muslims in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

In Gaza, Palestinians marched through the streets, storming European buildings and burning German and Danish flags. Protesters smashed the windows of the German cultural center and threw stones at the European Commission building, police said.

Iraqis rallying by the hundreds demanded an apology from the European Union, and the leader of the Palestinian group Hamas called the cartoons "an unforgivable insult" that merited punishment by death.

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All this over some religious comics. unbelievable.

religiouscomics.jpg - 20.76kb
By YCON: posted on 5-2-2006

Violence Spreads Over Muhammad Caricatures

... Quote:
BEIRUT, Lebanon - Thousands of Muslims rampaged Sunday in Beirut, setting fire to the Danish Embassy, burning Danish flags and lobbing stones at a Maronite Catholic church as violent protests over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad spread from neighboring Syria.

Troops fired bullets into the air and used tear gas and water cannons to push the crowds back after a small group of Islamic extremists tried to break through the security barrier outside the embassy. Flames and smoke billowed from the building. Security officials said at least 30 people were injured.

The Danish Foreign Ministry urged Danes to leave Lebanon as soon as possible, while Danes and Norwegians heeded a similar call in Syria, where violent protests broke out on Saturday

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More violence breaks out and all that is needed is an apology. Sometimes insults, no matter what the subject is, make people overreact. As a christian it upset me when people cut down the bible, but I know they do not understand it like I do. My response is not anger and violence. I ignore it, understanding of their ignorance. Why are islamic people becoming violent and outraged? Are those the fruits you'd expect from a person who believes in God, no matter what god that is?

islamicflag.jpg - 17.43kb
By YCON: posted on 6-2-2006

Protesters Torch Danish Mission in Beirut

... Quote:
BEIRUT, Lebanon - Muslim rage over caricatures of the prophet Muhammad grew increasingly violent Sunday as thousands of rampaging protesters — undaunted by tear gas and water cannons — torched the Danish mission and ransacked a Christian neighborhood. At least one person reportedly died and about 200 were detained, officials said.

Muslim clerics denounced the violence, with some wading into the mobs trying to stop them. Copenhagen ordered Danes to leave the country or stay indoors in the second day of attacks on its diplomatic outposts in the Middle East.

In Beirut, a day after violent protests in neighboring Syria, the thousands-strong crowd broke through a cordon of troops and police that had encircled the embassy. Security forces fired tear gas and loosed their weapons into the air to stop the onslaught.

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This is out of control.

Demonstrators wave green and black Islamic flags as they walk past a Lebanese army vehicle

danishmission.jpg - 24.16kb
By YCON: posted on 6-2-2006

Mr. Amr Khaled’s Message to the World regarding the Danish Cartoons

... Quote:
In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Ever-Merciful. All praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

This is my message to the Muslim Nation, the Muslim youth, the Western civilization, and the whole world. I present this message through to reach the Life-Makers youth and the youth of the forum. I ask them to deliver it exactly as I have said it to the Muslim Nation, the Muslim and Arab youth, the West through all their contacts there and surely to the whole world.

My first message is to the Muslim Nation and the Muslim youth:

Allah (TWT)[1] says what can be translated as, “Say, “In case your fathers, and your sons, and your brethren, and your spouses, and your kinsmen, and riches that you have scored (Literally: committed) and commerce whose slackening you are apprehensive of, and dwellings you are satisfied with, in case these are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger and striving in His way, then await till Allah comes up with His Command; and Allah does not guide the immoral people”

This is a long read but basically it says they have more respect for allah then they do their own lives. They respect the freedom of speech but can not tolerate disrespecting of Allah.

I guess they expect westerners to respect Allah, even though they don't know him. Do they respect the Christian God? or any other god besides allah?

They can continue their respect but they shouldn't expect the rest of the world to hold the same respect. They are in the wrong, anyone who attacks someone for disrespecting their belief in Allah, has a problem.
By YCON: posted on 6-2-2006

Netchickens message to the Islamic world

This is my message to the Islamic world...

Oh Muslim world hear this from your friends the West.

1. We respect and revere freedom to speak as we wish. We have fought for it, we have worked for it, we have died for it, and often that is why YOU are here, to gain from it.

2. Just because you shout and rage and kill and destroy does not make you any more right that us. If we were to bow to your fury then where does the line stop with Islam? Must we also bow to other religious rules, your rules, just becase we are afraid of your anger? Where is YOUR respect for the West?

3. This is our society, built by our hands, stained by our blood, based on our values and defended by our people. If you don't like the way the west lives, then go back to your failed societies and your corrupt regimes, keep your poison on YOUR side of the fence. Tidy up your own house before you dare to critisize ours.

4. The west grew through the medieval primative brutal version of religion about 500 years ago. Its about time Islam grew through its brutal version as well.

5. Stop your coordinated, planned, and manupulated protests. They fool no one. We will not submit to fear and intimidation. Rage all you want, it only reinforces western stereotypes of Islam as abhorent, brutal and oppressive. It serves only to validate the cartoon of Mohammed with the bomb on his head in the eyes of westerners.

In conclusion, if you rise above your base instincts and treat others as equals instead of subservient and inferior to your religious beliefs, you will find in return an equal degree of respect from the west. However if you continue of this road of futile protests, ignorant abuse, and threats, then you will generate a western backlash and further divide the world along religious lines.

Here in the west we are attuned to liberty and the threat of the tyranical, all your actions are doing is driving yourselves out of western mindset of "friendly equals" into that of "dangerous oppressors".

Change your actions if you wish to change your paths.

By netchicken: posted on 6-2-2006

Woo Hoo the netchicken has spoke. Now bow down to him or you'll hear his cock-a-do-da-do in your prayers to Allah

By YCON: posted on 6-2-2006

Many dead and injured in protests over Prophet drawings

Well it had to happen...
Suddenly 12 cartoons mean nothing compared to lives lost.
I wonder how the relatives of the dead would rationalize the deaths of their children and family members. WHY did they die? Was their death justifiable?

... Quote:
Afghan security forces opened fire on demonstrators Monday, leaving at least four dead, as increasingly violent protests erupted around the world over published caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad. European and Muslim politicians pleaded for calm.

The worst of the violence was outside Bagram, the main U.S. base in Afghanistan, with Afghan police firing on some 2,000 protesters as they tried to break into the heavily guarded facility, said Kabir Ahmed, the local government chief.

Two demonstrators were killed and five were injured, while eight police also were hurt, he said. No U.S. troops were involved in the clashes, the military said.

Afghan police also fired on protesters in the central city of Mihtarlam after a man in the crowd shot at them and others threw stones and knives, Interior Ministry spokesman Dad Mohammed Rasa said.

Two protesters were killed, and three other people were wounded, including two police, officials said. The demonstrators burned tires and threw stones at government offices.

The unrest also spread to East Africa as police in Somalia fired into the air to disperse stone-throwing protesters, triggering a stampede in which a teenager was killed and raising to six the number of deaths in protests related to the publication of the series of cartoons satirizing Islam's holiest figure.

Lebanon, meanwhile, apologized to Denmark a day after thousands of rampaging Muslim demonstrators set fire to the building housing the Danish mission in Beirut to protest the drawings.

At least one person died. Thirty were injured - half of them security officials - and about 200 people were detained in Sunday's violence, officials said. Prime Minister Fuad Saniora said the arrested included 76 Syrians, 35 Palestinians and 38 Lebanese.
By netchicken: posted on 7-2-2006

Hundreds in Iran Protest Muhammad Drawings

... Quote:
TEHRAN, Iran - Hundreds of angry protesters hurled stones and fire bombs at the Danish Embassy in the Iranian capital Monday to protest publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Police used tear gas and surrounded the walled villa to hold back the crowd.

It was the second attack on a Western mission in Tehran on Monday. Earlier in the day, 200 student demonstrators threw stones at the Austrian Embassy, breaking windows and starting small fires. The mission was targeted because Austria holds the presidency of the European Union.

Thousands more people joined violent demonstrations across the world to protest publication of the caricatures of Muhammad, and the Bush administration appealed to Saudi Arabia to use its influence among Arabs to help ease tensions in the Middle East and Europe.

Afghan troops shot and killed four protesters, some as they tried to storm a U.S. military base outside Bagram — the first time a protest over the issue has targeted the United States. A teenage boy was killed when protesters stampeded in Somalia

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Iran gets in on the cartoon bashing

iranbash.jpg - 20.44kb
By YCON: posted on 7-2-2006

Cartoon war breaks out in the Middle East

Now its getting nasty, cartoons of the Holocaust! :dbguy:dbguy:dbguy

Iran's biggest-selling newspaper has chosen to tackle the West's ideals of "freedom of expression" by launching a competition to find the 12 "best" cartoons about the Holocaust, the Associated French Press reported on Monday.

Farid Mortazavi, graphics editor for Tehran's Hamshahri newspaper, said that the deliberately inflammatory contest would test out how committed Europeans were to the concept freedom of expression.

... Quote:
The Western papers printed these sacrilegious cartoons on the pretext of freedom of expression, so let's see if they mean what they say and also print these Holocaust cartoons,
he said

20060204FilibusterCartoons.gif - 42.22kb
By netchicken: posted on 7-2-2006

oh no, are they serious? How can they even think about doiing something like that. Lets just give this a proper title. War of the Religious Cartoons.

“Give me chastity and continence, but not yet.”
Saint Augustine

“It was the experience of mystery – even if mixed with fear – that endangered religion.”
Albert Einstein

“I do not consider it an insult, but rather a compliment to be called an agnostic. I do not pretend to know where many ignorant men are sure – that is all that agnosticism means.”
Clarence Darrow

“To ask that the laws of the universe be annulled on behalf of a single petitioner confessedly unworthy.”
Ambrose Bierce

“Your highness, I have no need of this hypothesis.”
Pierre Laplace, to Napoleon on why his works on celestial mechanics make no mention of God.

“The longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth: that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?”
Benjamin Franklin

There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it.
George Bernard Shaw

"We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection."
Dalai Lama

“Christ died for our sins. Dare we make his martyrdom meaningless by not committing them?”
Jules Feiffer

"Not only is there no God, but try finding a plumber on sunday". Woody Allen
By YCON: posted on 7-2-2006

Protests Over Drawings a 'Global Crisis'

... Quote:
COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Denmark's Prime Minister on Tuesday called protests over drawings of the Prophet Muhammad a global crisis and appealed for calm.

"We are now facing a growing global crisis," Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. "It now is something else than the drawings in Jyllands-Posten."

The Jyllands-Posten, a Danish paper, first published the drawings that have sparked violent protests in Muslim countries worldwide. They have since been reprinted in media around the world.

Demonstrators in Afghanistan on Tuesday clashed with NATO forces, and three protesters were killed.

"Now it has become an international political matter," he said. "I urge calm and steadiness."

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These cartoons have gotten out of control. How will it end? Will the people who are offended by them, back down or will many apologies be needed?

globalcrisis.jpg - 18.7kb
By YCON: posted on 8-2-2006

Afghan police kill four amid rage over cartoons

... Quote:
KABUL (Reuters) - Afghan police shot dead four people protesting on Tuesday against cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad that have unleashed waves of rage and soul-searching across the Muslim world and Europe.

Tens of thousands of Muslims demonstrated in the Middle East, Asia and Africa over the drawings, first published in Denmark, then Norway and then several other European countries. Some Muslim leaders urged restraint.

In Iran, locked in a nuclear stand-off with the West, a crowd pelted the Danish embassy with petrol bombs and stones for a second day. Protesters hurled a petrol bomb and broke windows at Norway's mission.

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More violence and killings continue in Afghanistan over Muhammed Cartoons
By YCON: posted on 8-2-2006

Cartoon Protests Deadly in Afghanistan

... Quote:
KABUL, Afghanistan - International peacekeepers clashed Tuesday with Afghans protesting drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, leaving three demonstrators dead and prompting NATO to send reinforcements to a remote northern city.

Senior Afghan officials said al-Qaida and the Taliban could be exploiting anger over the cartoons to incite violence, which spread to at least six cities in a second day of bloody unrest in Afghanistan.

Demonstrations rumbled on around the Muslim world, and the political repercussions deepened, with Iran suspending all trade and economic ties with Denmark, where the drawings were first published. The Danish prime minister called the protests a global crisis and appealed for calm.

In a new turn, a prominent Iranian newspaper, Hamshahri, invited artists to enter a Holocaust cartoon competition, saying it wanted to see if freedom of expression — the banner under which many Western publications reprinted the prophet drawings — also applied to Holocaust images.

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Now they're saying, al-Qaida and the Taliban could be exploiting anger over the cartoons. I don't doubt it. I'm sure they would do anything to exploit anger and riots. When Iran publishes the cartoons about the holocaust, I'm sure the jewish people will rise up with anger.
By YCON: posted on 8-2-2006

Even God has a sense of humor - Muhammed and Allah written on a Fish

... Quote:
Holy writing found on fish

A Lancashire pet shop owner was left reeling after he discovered markings on the side of one of his fish spelt the word Allah in Arabic.

Tony Walker, 47, was stunned when a customer told him the £10 Oscar fish had the holy word on one side and Mohammed written on the other.

The Asian shopper immediately splashed out on the fish and even bought a £700 tank in which it will live.

The lucky buyer told Mr Walker, who runs Walker Aquatics in Waterfoot, about the mysterious markings and said he planned to move it into his family home.

Mr Walker said: 'When he first told me about the pattern on the side of the fish I didn't know whether to believe him or not.

'I did wonder if he was nuts but then he said he was going to buy a £700 tank, so I thought he must be serious.

'The fish is about two years old and we've had it in the shop for about eight weeks.

'It just looked like a normal Oscar to me. I had absolutely no idea what was written on its sides.

'Once the writing was spotted though, we've had lots of people coming into the shop to have a look.

'Everyone seems to agree about the markings. It has caused quite a stir.'


Now can the Muslims relax and get over these cartoons

fishallah.jpg - 3.64kb
By YCON: posted on 8-2-2006

Clerics Seek End to Protests Over Drawings

... Quote:
KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghanistan's top Islamic organization on Wednesday called for an end to violent protests against drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, as police shot dead two protesters to stop an angry crowd from marching on a U.S. military base in the southern part of the country.

Fourteen people were wounded in the clash in Qalat city, including ten protesters and four Afghan security forces who were struck by flying rocks, said Ahmad Khan, a doctor at the city's main hospital.

The clash came a day after international peacekeepers exchanged fire with protesters in a remote northern Afghan city, leaving three demonstrators dead and prompting NATO to send reinforcements.

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Protests are one thing but violence is not an answer
By YCON: posted on 8-2-2006

U.N., E.U., Bush Call for End to Riots

... Quote:
KABUL, Afghanistan - Police shot four protesters to death Wednesday to stop hundreds from marching on a southern U.S. military base, and Islamic organizations called for an end to deadly rioting across the Muslim world over drawings of the Prophet Muhammad.

"Islam says it's all right to demonstrate but not to resort to violence. This must stop," said senior cleric Mohammed Usman, a member of the Ulama Council — Afghanistan's top Islamic organization. "We condemn the cartoons but this does not justify violence. These rioters are defaming the name of Islam."

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There's a slide show with 421 pictures from the riots at the above link.
By YCON: posted on 9-2-2006

The cartoon hoax

More on the fake pictures deliberately added to the originals by Danish Imams.

Canadian Free Press

The original article also includes many links to pictures and other articles.

... Quote:
Radical Danish imams have deliberately incited hatred against Denmark, the country that had hospitably welcomed them in.

To this end, while on a visit to Arab countries last month, they added three false, extremely offensive Muhammad cartoons to the twelve relatively mild ones published by Jyllands-Posten last September

One of the three additional cartoons, which the imams distributed on a faxed image of appalling quality, was said to be a depiction of Muhammad with a pigsnout.

When the Danish press discovered the three false so-called Danish cartoons, the imams refused to say where they had got them.

They claimed, however, that the false cartoons were genuinely Danish and had been added to give an insight in how hateful the atmosphere in Denmark is towards Muslims.
By netchicken: posted on 9-2-2006

Fake picture actually of a clown

Read this excellent article to see how the cartoon fraud was created. This is stunning to be able to see the fraud perpetuated

One of the most offensive fake pictures, is actually a poorly scanned copy of a clown face. Its a photo of Jacques Barrot, a pig squealing contestant at the French Pig-Squealing Championships in Trie-sur-Baises annual festival. NeanderNews discovered this photo, taken by Bob Edme of AP, posted on an August 15, 2005 AP story seen here on MSNBCs website.

pigsquealcontest.jpg - 86.11kb
By netchicken: posted on 9-2-2006

Ahmed Akkari sorry for perpetuating hoax on the world

Well there is not much I can add to this story except read it yourself.

In late December, a young Danish man flew to Beirut. In his suitcase was a package of spiral-bound booklets in green covers, neatly compiled using a colour photocopier. Their contents consisted mainly of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

He was unlikely to have stood out. A short man of 31 who could have passed for half that age, he had a feminine voice and soft hands and was somewhat toughened by his struggling beard and an air of calm confidence.

Ahmed Akkari, a young Islamic scholar and Danish activist, was on a mission. Having failed to get the Prime Minister to take action over the cartoons' perceived slight to Islam, he had sought help from esteemed figures in the Muslim world, he says.

Over the next few weeks, he would hand copies of his green booklet to the grand mufti of Egypt, the chief cleric of the Sunni faith, leaders of the Arab League, the top official of the Lebanese Christian church and others.

They stared in amazement at the images in the book, he remembered during a lengthy interview yesterday, and vowed to take action to help him.

... Quote:
They said to me, Do they really say this is the Prophet Mohammed? They must really have no respect for religion up there in Denmark. And they said they would make it known.

Mr. Akkari now finds himself regretting the results of his brief journey, the somewhat distorted message of which flashed around the Muslim world by Internet, newspaper and text message, and caused millions of Muslims to believe that Denmark and the Nordic countries had become home to blasphemies.

While the Koran does not forbid depictions of Mohammed, the prohibition stems from concerns the Prophet expressed that even well-intentioned images could lead to idolatry or show disrespect for Islam's founder.

Violent protests continued yesterday in cities around the world. As many as four protesters were shot dead in Afghanistan, raising the death toll to at least nine as the United Nations, the European Union and major governments struggled to contain the escalating unrest.

As he sat in one of Copenhagen's neat brown stone buildings yesterday and gazed at the melting snow, Mr. Akkari grappled awkwardly with the global emergency that has sprung from his mission. Friends, strangers and close family members are now blaming him for exactly the thing he says he was trying to prevent: the caricaturing of Muslims as violent fanatics.

The riots, he acknowledged, have placed his fellow European Muslims in a far worse position than they had previously known.

... Quote:
Yeah, it has been more violent than I expected. I had no interest in any violence. . . . It is bad for our case because it's turning the picture completely from what this should be about, to something else -- and this is a dangerous change now.

This has led to a dramatic switch in his tone: While he still expresses anger at the media for glibly printing images considered offensive to his faith, Mr. Akkari yesterday was eager to find a way to quickly resolve the crisis -- and to send a message to the violent Muslim protesters that might cause them to cease and desist.

He suggested a joint news conference with the Danish Prime Minister or with the editor of the newspaper that first printed the images in which both sides would demand that their communities cease their most offensive activities.

Such a détente now seems unlikely.

For his booklet contained not only the 12 depictions of the Prophet Mohammed that had appeared in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September. He also filled it with hideous, amateur images of the Prophet as a pig, a dog, a woman and a child-sodomizing madman.

Flipping through the book yesterday, he explained that these images had been items of hate mail sent to his colleagues by right-wing extremists who disapproved of their activism.

These images, he insistently demonstrated, were separated from the newspaper cartoons by several pages of letters.
... Quote:
How could anyone mistake these for the newspaper images?" he asked. "It cannot be that anyone would make this mistake.

But protesters in Lebanon and elsewhere have cited these images in their actions. So have the organizers of a worldwide boycott campaign against Danish products, which is costing the country's economy.
He even seemed embroiled in the same fear that has gripped most Danes this week.
... Quote:
You should understand, he said, "that the boycott was more widespread than we thought it could ever be. In fact, we didn't ask for it.

This could get a lot worse, and it could make life worse for Muslims here. If we can sort it out, if we can do something to help, make people take responsibility -- all the people involved -- then we have a chance of this violence not happening any more.

He had never meant this to be more than an internal Danish conflict, he says. It was meant to be a technical matter: How to get the government to acknowledge that something had gone wrong in this close-knit society, something that had caused its largest newspaper to ignore the feelings of a minority whose members number 180,000 in a country of 5.4 million.

His circle of Muslim leaders planned the overseas trip only after the domestic campaign had run aground. The newspaper had apologized for any offence the cartoons caused, but stood by the decision to publish them.

The leaders wanted a response from the Danish state. Mr. Akkari took part in efforts to bring legal action against the newspaper under hate-crimes laws, and to arrange a meeting between ambassadors from Muslim countries and the Danish Prime Minister. When these efforts were rebuffed, help was sought abroad.

But he had not intended his protest to go global. And he is horrified to find that the Danish people -- and he proudly considers himself a Dane -- have been demonized.

A gap has also emerged between Mr. Akkari and his family, who are secular Danes of Lebanese descent. He was born in Lebanon to a non-religious Muslim family. His father was forced to flee, as a political refugee, during the war in the 1980s.

... Quote:
Maybe you could say I am more religious than he is, But I don't think either he or I are on the extremes. Some people think I am very moderate, some think I am only a cultural Muslim, some think I am a fundamentalist.
Mr. Akkari, who studied sociology at a Copenhagen university, said of his father.

Having provoked a deadly global confrontation between these poles, he said that he wasn't quite sure where to place himself.
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Cartoon Protesters Direct Anger at U.S.

I hope Muslims can forgive this mistake/hoax. I'm sure it will take a while for things to get back to normal.

... Quote:
QALAT, Afghanistan - Police killed four people Wednesday as Afghans enraged over drawings of the Prophet Muhammad marched on a U.S. military base in a volatile southern province, directing their anger not against Europe but America.

The U.S. base was targeted because the United States "is the leader of Europe and the leading infidel in the world," said Sher Mohammed, a 40-year-old farmer who suffered a gunshot wound while taking part in the demonstration in the city of Qalat.

"They are all the enemy of Islam. They are occupiers in our country and must be driven out," Mohammed said.

Wednesday's violence began when hundreds of protesters tried to storm the U.S. base, said Ghulam Nabi Malakhail, a provincial police chief. When warning shots failed to deter them, police shot into the crowd, killing four and wounding 11, he said.

Flying rocks injured eight police and one Afghan soldier, he said.

Two Pakistanis arrested for allegedly firing at police were being questioned to see whether they were linked to al-Qaida, Malakhail said. Some officials accuse al-Qaida of inciting three days of bloody riots across Afghanistan that have left 11 dead.

Protesters also burned three fuel tankers waiting to deliver gasoline to the base, said Malakhail. He said U.S. troops fired warning shots into the air.

U.S. military spokesman Col. James Yonts said the American forces fired flares above the crowd, but he said it was not clear whether they fired their weapons.

Muslims around the world have demonstrated over the images — including one depicting the prophet wearing a turban shaped as a bomb — printed in Western media. Islam is interpreted to forbid any illustrations of the prophet.

In Baghdad, Iraq's top Shiite political leader criticized attacks on foreign embassies by Muslims.

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