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LOL, just goes to show when you need a boogy man to protest against anyone will do.

Yeat again another sign of the orchestrated nature of protests that are purely political in desire rather than sincere.

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By netchicken: posted on 10-2-2006

Cartoonist should be executed under Islamic law

Well waddaya know. Even if you don't live in an Islamic country, and you don't live under Islamic laws it seems that doesn't protect you from their wrath.
Omar Bakri Mohammed, the radical Muslim cleric, has said the cartoonist behind caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed that have sparked outrage across the Arab world should be tried and executed under Islamic law.

The cleric said the cartoonist had insulted Islam and must pay the price, as three people were killed during protests against the cartoons in Afghanistan.

... Quote:
The insult has been established now by everybody, Muslim and non-Muslim, and everybody condemns the cartoonist and condemns the cartoon.

However, in Islam, God said, and the messenger Mohammed said, whoever insults a prophet, he must be punished and executed.

This man should be put on trial and if it is proven to be executed. We are not saying ourselves to go there and start to look to him and kill him, we are not talking about that. We are talking about Islamic rules. If anybody insults the prophet, he will have to take a punishment.
he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

The cleric said Muslims in Britain were not allowed to kill people who insulted Islam because it was against the law of the country.

He said if countries refused to put people on trial for insulting Mohammed they must "face the consequences".
By netchicken: posted on 10-2-2006

100 Kilos of gold for dead cartoonist

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - One hundred militants have enlisted to become suicide bombers in Afghanistan since the appearance of blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, a top Taleban commander said on Thursday.

Mullah Dadullah, one of the Talebans most senior military commanders, said his Islamic militant group had also offered a reward of 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of gold to anyone who killed people responsible for the drawings.

... Quote:
More than 100 mujahedin (holy warriors) have enlisted to carry out suicide attacks. The targets would be infidels.
The Taleban will give 100 kilograms of gold to one who kills the cartoonist.
Five kilograms of gold would go to anyone who killed a soldier from Denmark, Germany or Norway - among the countries where the cartoons have appeared.
said the commander, who is believed to be close to the Talebans wanted leader Mullah Omar.
By netchicken: posted on 10-2-2006

They've got to be kidding.
By YCON: posted on 10-2-2006

Muslim Leaders Urge Calm Over Cartoons

... Quote:
BEIRUT, Lebanon - Many Arab governments, Muslim religious leaders and newspapers have been calling for calm in the protests over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons, fearing the violence of the past weeks has only reinforced Islam's negative image in the West.

No major demonstrations took place in Mideast and North African cities Thursday, suggesting the fervor was easing. But it wasn't clear whether the calm would last. A test may come after weekly Muslim prayers on Friday, when at least one large protest is planned, in Morocco.

The drawings, first published in a Danish newspaper then reprinted in other European publications, sparked outrage across the Islamic world. Protests turned violent in recent weeks in Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

But many in the Middle East watched the stone-throwing, flag burnings and embassy attacks with sorrow. Some including governments, religious leaders and newspaper writers are trying to put on the brakes on the outrage, even if they feel Muslims are right to be angry.

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Looks like things will be calming down

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By YCON: posted on 10-2-2006

Asian Muslims Hold Biggest Rallies Yet over Muhammed Cartoons

... Quote:
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Tens of thousands of Muslims around the world demonstrated against the drawings of the Prophet Muhammed after Friday prayers, some shouting anti-American slogans and burning Danish flags to vent their rage.

Rallies in Asia were the largest on the continent since demonstrations erupted throughout the Muslim world over the drawings first published in a Danish newspaper in September and recently reprinted in other European publications. One depicted the prophet with a turban shaped like a bomb with a burning fuse.

The demonstrations were largely peaceful, but police in Kenya shot and wounded one person while trying to keep hundreds of protesters from marching to the residence of Denmark's ambassador. Demonstrators also clashed with police in Pakistan and Egypt.

Some Muslim leaders in the Middle East, including Kuwait's parliament and Iraq's top Shiite politician, have appealed for calm, saying that violence is unhelpful and unnecessary. No major demonstrations were held in Mideast and North African cities Thursday.

But rallies again erupted on Friday. In Pakistan, protesters burned foreign-made cheese while others clashed with police. The largest gathering was in the capital Islamabad, where 5,000 supporters of radical Islamic groups demonstrated peacefully in the center of the capital.

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Please don't burn the cheese. They are now burning dairy products and tires. The israelis think bin laden is involved?

... Quote:
Israeli police in Jerusalem unsuccessfully tried to prevent protests by barring all men under the age of 45 from attending Friday prayers at the Al Aqsa mosque compound in the Old City, Islam's third-holiest site. Despite the efforts, about 2,000 women, young boys and older men marched around the Dome of the Rock shrine on the compound, chanting "Bin Laden, strike again."

Makes me wonder
By YCON: posted on 11-2-2006

Cartoonists should be tried and punished

Why, why, why, why, why, why?
Do muslims dare to presume that their rules should be enforced in the west?

Would they expect western laws to be enforced in their countries, with their citizens?


Saudi Arabia's top cleric called on the world's Muslims to reject apologies for the slanderous caricatures of Islam's Prophet Mohammed and demanded the authors and publishers of the cartoons be tried and punished, Saudi newspapers reported Saturday.

Speaking to hundreds of faithful at his Friday sermon, Sheik Abdul Rahman al-Seedes, the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, called on the international community to enact laws that condemn insults against the prophet and holy sites.

... Quote:
Where is the world with all its agencies and organizations? Is there only freedom of expression when it involves insults to Muslims? With one voice...we will reject the apology and demand a trial,
Al Riyad, a Saudi daily newspaper, quoted al-Seedes as saying.

Al-Seedes said the cartoons made a mockery of the Islam and the Prophet and called them "slanderous."
By netchicken: posted on 12-2-2006

Get over it Muslim people. You can't expect people of other religions to respect yours. Us Christians put up with people cutting down God and Jesus all the time. We don't go after them and kill, torture or take them to court.

By YCON: posted on 12-2-2006

Iran Blames U.S., Europe in Cartoon Crisis

... Quote:
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's hard-line president on Saturday accused the United States and Europe of being "hostages of Zionism" and said they should pay a heavy price for the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that have triggered worldwide protests.

Denmark where the drawings were first published four months ago warned Danes to leave Indonesia, saying they faced a "significant and imminent danger" from an extremist group and announced it had withdrawn embassy staff from Jakarta, Iran and Syria.

Yemen announced that three chief editors of privately owned Yemeni papers will stand trial for printing the Danish cartoons and their publishing licenses suspended. They Information Ministry officials said the editors are charged with offending the prophet of Islam and violating religions.

Earlier this month, two Jordanian editors were put on trial for reprinting the Danish caricatures of Muhammad.

Saudi Arabia's top cleric said in a Friday sermon that those responsible for the drawings should be put on trial and punished.

Muslims in several European and Asian countries, meanwhile, kept up their protests, with thousands taking to the streets in London's biggest demonstration over the issue so far.

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Iran does what it can to put down the US and the Muslims are an immature bunch. Because of these two childish acts these cartoons will turn into a religious war.
By YCON: posted on 12-2-2006

Rice: Nations Must Not Incite Protests

... Quote:
WASHINGTON - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday that violent protests in the Muslim world over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad could "spin out of control" if governments refuse to act responsibly.

Rice, speaking from Washington on ABC television's "This Week," said Iran, in particular, should be urging its citizens to remain calm not encouraging protests against Western embassies.

"If people continue to incite it, it can spin out of control," she said of the protests. Last week, demonstrators in Iran attacked the Danish, French and Austrian embassies with stones and firebombs.

The governments of Iran and Syria, Rice said, organize street protests whenever they want to make a point.

"Everybody understands that there's a sense of outrage, that these cartoons were inappropriate in the Muslim world," Rice said. "But you don't express your outrage by going out and burning down embassies. ... You express your outrage peacefully."

Iran on Sunday rejected earlier U.S. and Danish accusations that the government had encouraged the protests.

The cartoons, first published in a Danish newspaper in September, were seen by millions of Muslims around the world as an attack on Islam and an insult to their revered prophet.

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Looks like Rice agrees, this is going to get out of control
By YCON: posted on 13-2-2006

Iran Rejects Charge of Inflaming Violence

... Quote:
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran on Sunday rejected U.S. and Danish accusations that the government had inflamed and encouraged last week's violent protests against Western embassies in Tehran over caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad and demanded an apology.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi singled out comments by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and said Denmark should apologize to help calm the furor that has erupted over the images that first appeared in a Danish newspaper four months ago.

"What happened was a natural reaction. Rice and Danish officials should apologize. Such comments could worsen the situation and an apology could alleviate the tension," Asefi said.

While many of the protests over the caricatures deemed offensive to Islam have been peaceful, Danish and other European diplomatic missions were attacked by demonstrators last week in Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Nearly a dozen people also were killed in protests in Afghanistan.

Rice said Wednesday that "Iran and Syria have gone out of their way to inflame sentiments and to use this to their own purposes. And the world ought to call them on it."

When asked to offer evidence on ABC's "This Week," the Secretary of State pointed to the fact that little happens in the two countries without government permission.

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Iran is responsible for some of the violence. Like Rice says Iran pretty much gave permission to their people to protest.
By YCON: posted on 13-2-2006

Sweden Defuses Another "Cartoon Crisis"

... Quote:
STOCKHOLM, February 10, 2006 ( & News Agencies) The Swedish government has acted swiftly to prevent what could have been another "cartoon war" when it canceled a contest planned by a Swedish right-wing party on cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

"Swedish Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds decided to halt the Web site of the small nationalist party Sweden Democrats, which planned the Prophet cartoons contest," Abdul Razik Wabri, official of the Islamic League of Sweden, told IOL Friday, February 10.

The move was taken after talks Thursday, February 9, between the Swedish top diplomat and the political parties in the Scandinavian country, he added.

The Web site launched a competition for Prophet Muhammad cartoons on January 10.

One of the 40 contributions it had received had already been published on the site.

The drawing depicted Prophet Muhammad from the back holding up a mirror. The reflection of his face has the eyes barred over and the caption reads "Mohammedan self-censorship".

Last September, Jyllands-Posten ran 12 cartoons of Prophet Muhammad including one wearing a bomb-shaped turban and another showing him as a knife-wielding nomad flanked by shrouded women.

Many European papers and magazines reprinted the drawings, considered blasphemous under Islam, triggering an outcry across the Muslim world and calls to boycott Danish products.

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I think they made the right move. It could of made things much worse then they are now.
By YCON: posted on 13-2-2006

Violent protests against cartoons mar image of Muslims (Opinion)

... Quote:
In her commentary regarding the controversial cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, Souheila Al-Jadda wrote that "these provocative cartoon portrayals came as no surprise to many in the Islamic world. Protesters see this as a pattern of Western attacks against Islam and Muslims." She continued, "Danish editors are free to publish such cartoons; Muslims are also free to express outrage" (Understanding the outrage, The Forum, Wednesday).

Al-Jadda is 100% correct. These provocative portrayals should not have come as a surprise to anybody, but the reaction to the cartoons only supports the stereotype. How does going on a rampage and destroying other people's property prove that you aren't violent?

I also agree: Freedom allows Danish editors to publish the cartoons. And yes, Muslims are free to express outrage. But how the Muslim world expresses the outrage garners attention.

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More opinions on the Muhammed Cartoons
By YCON: posted on 13-2-2006

Danish Muslim leader says "move on" over cartoons

... Quote:
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A senior member of Denmark's Muslim community urged followers on Monday to "move on" in the row over the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad after holding crisis talks with Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

"The majority of Muslims may feel offended by the cartoons as they link Islam with terrorism, but let's take it easy and move on now," Naser Khader, a member of parliament and founder of a new group called Democratic Muslims, told reporters.

Khader said a few fundamentalist clerics had set the agenda on behalf of all Danish Muslims and said his network of around 700 members was more broadly representative.

Rasmussen asked for a meeting with Democratic Muslims after the conservative government accused some local Muslim leaders of showing the cartoons to Muslims in the Middle East in an effort to fan the flames of the scandal.

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Maybe now it will calm down. Or should us christians start rioting because of the cartoons they did of CHRIST?
By YCON: posted on 14-2-2006

Police Gas Students Protesting Cartoons

... Quote:
PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Police fired tear gas and wielded batons Monday to stop about 7,000 students protesting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad from marching on the governor's residence in northwestern Pakistan.

The students had marched to several universities in Peshawar and hurled stones at a Christian school, breaking windows and causing other damage. They also threw stones at shops in the main business district, chanting "Down with America" and "Down with Denmark."

There were no immediate reports of casualties, but an Associated Press reporter saw students carrying away a classmate with an injured leg.

President Gen. Pervez Musharraf told journalists in the capital, Islamabad, on Monday that newspapers that have printed the caricatures were "being totally oblivious to the consequences for the world, for world peace and harmony."

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More protests over the cartoons. Will this continue to escalate? Will the holocaust cartoons affect the Jews and germans as much as the muslims were affected by the muhammed cartoons? How will this all end?
By YCON: posted on 14-2-2006

These riots and protests to the Muhammed cartoons are not about religion. This is a political act. It is about Irans nuclear uranium enrichment programs. The protests and riots are not a public reaction to the cartoons. They were triggered by the Iranian and Syrian governments in order to take off some of the pressures put on them from US and international communities and to intimidate the west. The meetings in Damascus and Tehran are probably about getting muslims to riot more, not less.

Think about it. These cartoons were originally published in December and there were no riots or protests. Then in the beginning of February, after agreement for sanctions on Iran, they published the cartoons again. This is nothing more then a stall tactic by Iran or lets say getting the people to back the government. Any actions taken against Iran or Syria at this time will cause an even bigger protest by the muslim people.
By YCON: posted on 14-2-2006

Pakistan cartoon protesters tear-gassed near embassies

... Quote:
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistani police fired tear gas on Tuesday to disperse hundreds of students who entered Islamabad's diplomatic enclave to protest against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in European newspapers.

The students were driven back after they had approached the Indian and British High Commissions and smashed windows of cars and a bank, Reuters journalists at the scene said. Most of the students then ran out of the district.


More muslim students turn violent
By YCON: posted on 14-2-2006

Protesters Ravage Two Pakistani Cities

... Quote:
LAHORE, Pakistan - Thousands rampaged Tuesday through two Pakistani cities to protest cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, burning buildings housing a hotel, banks and a KFC and breaking windows at a Holiday Inn and a Pizza Hut.

At least two people are killed in the worst of the violence in the eastern city of Lahore, which intelligence officials suspected was incited by outlawed Islamic militant groups. The provincial government assembly building was also set on fire.

In the capital, Islamabad, hundreds of students stormed through the main entrance of the tightly guarded enclave that houses most foreign embassies in the capital, brandishing sticks and throwing stones. They were soon dispersed with tear gas and no foreigners were hurt.

The unruly protests and deaths marked an alarming spike in the unrest in Pakistan over the cartoons, which first appeared in a Danish newspaper in September and have been reprinted more recently in other Western newspapers. One of the cartoons depicts Muhammad wearing a turban shaped as a bomb with an ignited detonator string.

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Violence breaks out in Pakestan, many buildings burned, cars torched. Militants and students continue protests in several cities in pakestan.
By YCON: posted on 15-2-2006

Three Killed in Massive Cartoon Protests in Pakistan

... Quote:
PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Gunfire and rioting erupted Wednesday as tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Pakistan's third straight day of violent protests over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons. Three people were killed, including an 8-year-old boy.

The European Union condemned both the cartoons, first printed in a Danish newspaper in September, and what it called "systematic incitement to violence" against European diplomatic missions by some unidentified governments.

Pakistani intelligence officials have said members of outlawed Islamic militant groups have joined the protests, and may be inciting violence to undermine the government of President Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

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Third day of riots and violence in Pakistan. Tens of thousands including militant groups ravage the streets and burn buildings. Seventy thousand people, unbelievable. These militant groups are getting people to riot and protest. I don't think this many people would decided to riot by themselves, they are being lead.
By YCON: posted on 16-2-2006

Iran Renames Danish Pastries to "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad."

... Quote:
Iranians love Danish pastries, but when they look for the flaky dessert at the bakery they now have to ask for "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad."

Bakeries across the capital were covering up their ads for Danish pastries Thursday after the confectioners' union ordered the name change in retaliation for caricatures of the Muslim prophet published in a Danish newspaper.

"Given the insults by Danish newspapers against the prophet, as of now the name of Danish pastries will give way to 'Rose of Muhammad' pastries," the union said in its order.

"This is a punishment for those who started misusing freedom of expression to insult the sanctities of Islam," said Ahmad Mahmoudi, a cake shop owner in northern Tehran.

One of Tehran's most popular bakeries, "Danish Pastries," covered up the word "Danish" on its sign with a black banner emblazoned "Oh Hussein," a reference to a martyred saint of Shiite Islam. The banner is a traditional sign of mourning.

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LOL this is a little funny but whatever makes them feel better.

danishpastries.jpg - 21.72kb
By YCON: posted on 17-2-2006

Offending Cartoons done by Arab/Muslim? Iran?

What are the odds that a muslim did the offending cartoons?

Could all this violence and rage over the cartoons that are blamed on the non-muslims actually be from one of their own?

I'm starting to wonder if those 4 offending cartoons were done by the Iranian Government as a way to prepare their people to fight back when UN sanctions are placed on them or when/if US does airstrikes on Irans Nuclear projects and uranium enrichment plants.

On another site they have looked at the writing under one cartoon that says DEN PEDOFILE "PROFET" MUHAMMED. What they have noticed is that the person who wrote it seems to have an arabic background or wrote arabic as first language.

Here's what they are saying. What do you think?

... Quote:
Reading through the comments so far to my earlier post, no true expert graphologist has come forward, but several people with at least some knowledge of Arabic writing and calligraphy have weighed in. The most interesting comment so far comes from E.S., who says he/she is not a graphologist but has "a little experience in English and Arabic calligraphy and typography":

I noticed a few interesting things about the writing that may indicate that it isn't the product of a native speaker.

1) If you look at the lowest horizontal stroke on the first capital E, it is a curved or squiggly line. This is characteristic of the arabic character "sukkund" which is denotes a glidle (sp?) stop. These symbols are used extensively in old texts in the Arab world including the Quran.

2) Many of the letters have too many strokes, and are thus inefficient. Over time native speakers develop proficiency in writing quickly and use less strokes per letter on average. Looking closely at the first M of the last line it has four strokes. Most native speakers would make it with two or three. Also notice on this M that the strokes don't match up correctly. This indicates a lack of familiarity with the structure of the letter.

3) The cross strokes on the E's and F's seem to be drawn from right to left. The "ink clumping" you notice on some of the letters is formed when the author keeps the pen on the paper for too long without moving it. It often indicates hesitation in executing a stroke. If you look at the E and F in the word "Profet" the ink clumping is on the right hand side of the letter indicating that the person put pen to paper, considered the stroke momentarily, and then pulled the pen from right to left across the page. This is also inefficient in writing Roman letters because the movement across the page is from left to write, so cross strokes from right to left slow down the production of the letter. (Also interesting is the large amount of ink wasted on the beginning of the uppermost crossbar on the E in "Paedofile." It appears that this stroke went from left to right [note the inkclumping on the left of the letter]). This is consistent with the idea that the person is an Arabic writer since the long delay would indicate a discomfort with the left-to-right stroke.

4) The u in "Muhammed" appears a great deal like the Arabic Laam (one of the most common letters as it is part of the arabic AL meaning the). If you notice the right side of the letter is longer, this is what an individual Laam looks like, almost like a Roman capital J. Also note that a native writer of Roman based letters would not make the right side larger as it is inefficient in writing a full word. There is no need to bring the pen that high if you're going to move on to the next letter.

5) Finally as a general matter the letters do have a more "drawn" feel than usual native Roman-based letters. The cross strokes have the slant of calligraphy fonts, especially those used in Arabic. This is indicated by the sharp points on both ends of the cross which indicates that the pen was held at an angle. Most Roman letter writers without calligraphy experience hold their pen straight, which results in "block" letters and not angled letters. Finally the curves on the D's are tapered which indicates holding of the pen at an angle, and experience with "drawn" letters. These same curved shapes are common in the arabic letters Jeem, Haah, and one other that I am not even going to attempt to transliterate but comes from the back of the throat. LINK

muhammadpedofilecartoon2-small.jpg - 7.33kb
By YCON: posted on 17-2-2006

Gosh, things just get more and more convoluted.

Most of the original 12 cartoons I think were done by westerners, as a few were interviewed about it.

However you can't deny the orchestration of the protests, so maybe there is another motive behind all this fuss.

When the Crusaders took Israel they placed churches in militarily signifigent places, that gave their soldiers the motivation to defend the places better.

"This is not just a hill, I am keepng the ... church from the muslims and will defend it to death"

I wonder if religion is being used in the same manner here, as a tool to manipulate people into anger.
By netchicken: posted on 18-2-2006

New cartoon shock Iranian football team in suicide costumes

It gets worse...

A cartoon printed in a German newspaper showing the Iranian national football team standing in a World Cup stadium with bombs strapped to their jerseys has caused anger in Iran, even among ordinary people not interested in politics.

The cartoon, which was printed in last Friday's edition of Berlin's Tagesspiegel, also depicts German soldiers standing in the stadium with a caption saying "Why at the World Cup of all places does the German army have to be on duty?"

iran_football_cartoon.gif - 28.6kb
By netchicken: posted on 18-2-2006

Just who is Imam Ahmad Abu Laban from Denmark?

Here is a bio, from an excellent blog about the history of the Danish Imam who initiated all the protests.

Note that the blog also has more pictures of the offensive cartoons he put into the booklet distributed to muslims around the world and described as coming from Denmark.

Looks like the guy has another agenda apart fromg getting angry over cartoons.


Imam Ahmad Abu Laban, the man behind this whole Danish cartoon controversy, not only faked obscene cartoons on his trip to the Middle East, but also:

* Entertained the "Blind Sheikh" behind the first World Trade Center attacks
* Praised Osama Bin Laden after 9-11 Attacks
* Preached he "Shed no tears" after 9-11 Attacks
* Accused of giving Political support to Osama bin Laden's network
* Accused of giving Financial support to Osama bin Laden's network
* Joined with 225 Islamic Radicals to form Global Jihadist Group in 2003
* Said that Theo van Gogh - "Had it coming!"
* Called on his flock to Give Their Lives to Global Jihad for Palestinians
* Met with Sheikh Qaradawi in Saudi Arabia who has legalized the murder of American soldiers in Iraq
By netchicken: posted on 18-2-2006

Wikipaedia have a great overview of the whole issue worth reading if you havn't followed it all the way through

A group of Danish imams from several organisations created a 43-page dossier[19]. This appears to have been assembled and added to until some point after 8 December 2005, with the first lobbying visits to Egypt having taken place before finalization.

It consists of several letters from Muslim organisations explaining their case, multiple clippings from Jyllands-Posten, multiple clippings from Weekendavisen, some clippings from Arabic-language papers, and three additional images.

Pig-face - This picture of a French pig-squealing contestant, taken from the imams' dossier, was identified as an old Associated Press picture which made no reference to Islam.

Apparently, the group of imams misrepresented the origin of the latter three images[20][21]. On February 1 BBC World incorrectly reported that one ofthem had been published in Jyllands-Posten. [22]

This image was later found to be a wire-service photo of a contestant at a French pig-squealing contest [23] (the original wire service article can beseen here [24]), although the dossier's version also included the caption Here is the true face of Muhammad (in Danish, with an Arabic translation). According to the BBC, this image was misleadingly circulated by Danish Muslims to illustrate the atmosphere of Islamophobia which they lived under[25].

The other two additional images portrayed a Muslim being mounted by a dog while praying and Muhammad as a demonic pedophile (referencing the Aisha controversy). Pigs and dogs are considered impure animals in Islam.

Attempts by the Jordanian media to accurately portray the Jyllands-Posten cartoons and reduce tension in the Middle East failed when the editors concerned were arrested [26] for insulting religion under Jordan's press and publications laws.

The group of Imams set out for a tour of the Middle East to present their case to many influential religious and political leaders, and to ask for support:[27]

The dossier oscillates wildly between diplomatic statements such as:

* We urge you [recipient of the letter or dossier]to - on the behalf of thousands of believing Muslims - to give us the opportunity of having a constructive contact with the press and particularly with the relevant decision makers, not briefly, but with a scientific methodology and a planned and long-term programme seeking to make views approach each other and remove misunderstandings between the two parties involved.

Since we do not wish for Muslims to be accused of being backward and narrow, likewise we do not wish for Danes to be accused of ideological arrogance either. When this relationship is back on its track, the result will bring satisfaction, an underpinning of security and the stable relations, and a flourishing Denmark for all that live here

* We call your [recipient of the letter or dossier] attention to this case, and place it in your hands, in such a way that we together may think and have an objective dialogue regarding how an appropriate exit can be found for these crises in a way which does not violate the freedom of speech, but which at the same time does not offend the feelings of Muslims either.

and misinformation:
* The faithful in their religion (Muslims) suffer under a number of circumstances, first and foremost the lack of official recognition of the Islamic faith. This has led to a lot of problems, especially the lack of right to build mosques [...]

* Even though they [the Danes] belong to the Christian faith, the secularizations have overcome them, and if you say that they are all atheists, then you are not wrong.

*This [the publication of the 12 cartoons] happened in connection with the promotion of a book, which has recently been published, and which contains these inappropriate cartoons
By netchicken: posted on 18-2-2006

Nine Die in Cartoon Protests in Libya

Let me get this right. The guy, Imam Ahmad Abu Laban is a muslim? connected to terrorist, against the US and he did the cartoons? I wonder how the muslim population will react to that?

more violence from the cartoons

... Quote:
PESHAWAR, Pakistan - A Pakistani cleric announced a $1 million bounty for killing a cartoonist who drew the Prophet Muhammad. In Libya, a demonstration against the caricatures left the Italian consulate on fire and at least nine people dead, according to an Italian diplomat.

Denmark, where a newspaper first published the cartoons, temporarily closed its embassy in Pakistan and advised its citizens to leave the country.

An Italian consular official, Antonio Simoes-Concalves, said nine protesters had been killed in the demonstration in the Libyan city of Bengazi as armed police fired bullets and tear gas on a crowd of more than 1,000 demonstrators.

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Eleven more people killed and they offer a million dollars to the one who kills the cartoonist. Will they kill one of their own?
By YCON: posted on 18-2-2006

Lebanese PM: Pope Backs Protests over Cartoons

... Quote:
VATICAN CITY, Feb. 16, 2006

(AP) Pope Benedict XVI expressed support Thursday for peaceful demonstrations in the Muslim world over the Prophet Muhammad caricatures published in Europe, the Lebanese prime minister said after a private meeting at the Vatican.

Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, who is Muslim, said he and the pope discussed the drawings as well as Lebanon's intention to bring to justice those who instigated violent protests.

"He expressed that freedom in no way should really trespass on the freedom of others," Siniora told reporters after the 20-minute private meeting in the pope's library.

Siniora said he told the pope that Muslims should have the right to express their anger about the caricatures peacefully.

"And the pope was very supportive of the peaceful expression of opinion in the Arab world, the Muslim world, because he condemns himself, as well, the efforts that are being made by others to trespass on the freedom and the convictions of other people," Siniora said.

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The Pope backs muslim protestors, saying they have a right to protest
By YCON: posted on 18-2-2006

Libya Suspends Official After Deadly Riots

... Quote:
TRIPOLI, Libya - Libya suspended its interior minister Saturday, citing an "excessive use of force" in riots the day before that left at least 10 people dead in the bloodiest protest yet against the Prophet Muhammad cartoons roiling the Muslim world.

The controversy claimed another political casualty in Italy as Reforms Minister Roberto Calderoli offered his resignation after wearing a T-shirt featuring the drawings, a provocative move blamed for Friday's protests at the Italian consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi, in which at least 10 people were killed.

In eastern Pakistan, police opened fire on a mob trying to burn down shops, the latest in a spate of cartoon protests that have killed five people in the conservative country. At least four people were injured in the city of Chaniot, said police officer Mohammad Ishaq.

Pakistani authorities, meanwhile, imposed a ban on rallies in Islamabad ahead of a planned protest Sunday. In the southern city of Karachi, though, about 12,000 women joined a rally organized by the country's oldest and best-organized religious party, Jamaat-e-Islami.

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More riots, violence and burning of shops continue. Libya suspended it's interior minister, citing an excessive use of force.

Almost 30 people killed since these cartoons were published. When will it end?
By YCON: posted on 19-2-2006

Muslims Assault U.S. Embassy in Indonesia

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JAKARTA, Indonesia - Hundreds of Muslims protesting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad tried to storm the U.S. Embassy on Sunday, smashing the windows of a guard post but failing to push through the gates. Several people were injured.

Pakistani security forces, meanwhile, sealed off the capital of Islamabad to block a planned mass demonstration and fired tear gas and gunshots to chase off protesters. In Turkey, tens of thousands gathered in Istanbul chanting slogans against Denmark, Israel and the United States.

Protests over the cartoons, which first appeared in a Danish newspaper in September and have been republished in other European publications and elsewhere, have swept across the Muslim world, growing into mass outlets for rage against the West in general, and Israel and the United States in particular.

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Now the angry protestors are turning this into, a against the US, burn christian churches protest.
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"They want to destroy Islam through the issue of terrorism ... and all those things are engineered by the United States," said Maksuni, who only uses one name.

"We are fighting America fiercely this time," he said. "And we also are fighting Denmark."

Personally I agree with them, US and Israel are the biggest terrorists.
By YCON: posted on 20-2-2006

Pakistani Forces Seek to Quell Protests

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistani security forces arrested hundreds of Islamic hard-liners, virtually sealed off the capital and used gunfire and tear gas Sunday to quell protests against caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Pakistan had banned protests after riots killed five people in two cities last week.

Elsewhere in the Muslim world on Sunday, demonstrators with wooden staves and stones tried unsuccessfully to storm the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia, while tens of thousands rallied in the Turkish city of Istanbul and complained about negative Western perceptions of Islam.

Troops patrolled the deserted streets of the northern Nigerian town of Maiduguri, where thousands of Muslims attacked Christians and burned churches Saturday, killing at least 15 people during a protest over the cartoons. Most of the victims were beaten to death by rioters.

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More violence and anger and murder
By YCON: posted on 20-2-2006

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