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Microchips embedded in paper sheets

Wow, this actually has really good potential. Imagine being able to track a document as it passes through the mail, or other workers.

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Hitachi claims world's smallest microchip

Japan's Hitachi says it has developed the world's smallest and thinnest microchip, that can be embedded in paper to track down parcels or prove the authenticity of a document.

The integrated circuit (IC) chip is as minute as a speck of dust, measuring just 0.15 millimetres by 0.15 millimetres and 7.5 micrometres thick, Hitachi said.

One micrometre is one-thousandth of a millimetre.

Using an external antenna, it receives power from electrical waves.

The small size "enables us to boost the number of chips that can be made from a single wafer," making them less expensive, said Hitachi research administrator Tomiko Kinoshita.

"Since we would be able to meet large orders, it could be used in thin paper products that are usually printed in large numbers," she said.

The chip could also be used in the wrapping of parcels so they can be tracked down as they are delivered.

Other applications would include gift coupons, securities and certificates, she said.
By netchicken: posted on 7-2-2006

Here's a article from March 2003, they were introducing the worlds smallest chip. It was 0.3 millimeters square.

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Hitachi, the Japanese semiconductor company, has unveiled a prototype for the next generation of its -Chip (pronounced mu-chip). The chip is just 0.3 millimeters square, roughly half the size of the smallest RFID chip on the market.

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Here's a picture to give an idea of the size back then. I bet they can bearly get the new one to show up on a finger.

muchip.jpg - 21.34kb
By YCON: posted on 8-2-2006

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