Terrorized by invisible forces

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Terrorized by invisible forces

Here's a interesting story. A spirit or evil force taking their food.

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Invisible forces have been terrorizing a granny and her granddaughter since December last year. Their food vanishes immediately after cooking and they only find empty plates. They later find the food, no longer on the plates, hidden either under the bed or in the corners of their small room.

If the food is not disappearing, they find it sprayed with muti. It all started when a mysterious mopani worm dropped down from nowhere, into the lap of the old lady when she was sitting at her fireplace one night!

Matodzi Nethonzhe (76) and her granddaughter, Tsumbedzo (10), say they are now tired of their torture and have decided to seek public assistance. They say they can no longer remember how many times their food has disappeared, as it has happened on several occasions. Matodzi, who has not eaten for some days because of the problem, explained how the horrible experience started:

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That really is a strange story. When I read this story, I kept thinking that it was a spirit of a person who went hungry before they died.
By YCON: posted on 8-2-2006

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