Winter Returns With a Vengeance to Moscow

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Winter Returns With a Vengeance to Moscow

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The Russian winter tightened its grip on the capital this week sending temperatures down below minus 25 Celsius after weeks of relatively mild weather. Even before the long-expected Epiphany frosts finally set in officials began to panic, remembering the sinister warnings of Russia’s notorious energy chief about possible power cuts if temperatures plummeted that low.

City hall assured the public, however, that energy supplies would continue uninterrupted to residents, schools, hospitals, police and nuclear facilities, but ordered industrial enterprises to cut consumption to prevent possible accidents.

Meanwhile, in the city, virtually paralyzed by the cold, Moscow residents cursed weathermen whose forecasts are true only when they predict crises, and with enviable tenacity marched to work or stood waiting for public transport in blistering cold brooding on all that global warming fuss.

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Cold winter in Moscow

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It is usually very cold on the Orthodox Epiphany holiday and during the following week. This is traditionally known as Epiphany Frosts.

Yet, we have not seen such severe frosts in Moscow for years.

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By YCON: posted on 11-2-2006

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