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WW2 Russian tanks found that work perfectly


Now this is neat, they found 2 Russian tanks from 1943 in a latvian bog, dug them out and within a couple of days drove them away with everything working.

... Quote:
They sank in the marsh without crews and any damages while attempting to break through the defense line of German troops.

The tanks are in good condition, particularly T-34/85 (year of prod. 1944). After having changed oil and some parts of the starter and refueling, three days after its lifting and cleaning from clay and peat, we were able to start the engine and to drive the tank.

... During extraction of tanks it was necessary to discharge machine guns, the cannons (there were shells in both), to extract ammunition, grenades, a lot of cartridges, etc. All mechanisms of machine guns and cannons worked properly, the extraction of cartridges and shells was not difficulty at all.

Later several bursts of machine-gun fire were made using ammunition taken from the same tanks .

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