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3D Painted Rooms

Here are some neat 3D painted rooms. I have posted one picture, the rest you need to look at 2 different pictures to see how 3D it really is.


3d_room_01.jpg - 23.12kb
By YCON: posted on 24-2-2006

Yes they are neat. I want to do some too :)
By YCON: posted on 25-2-2006

geez jus imagine trying to do that without a projector, freehand.? :dbguy
that would take a lot longer than a coffee break to finish. :j
By Razalin: posted on 2-4-2006

you wouldn't want to be on any drugs if you went into a house like that... you'd loose the plot. :sp
By Razalin: posted on 7-4-2006

Looks cool, but I wouldn't want to walk down that hallway after a night out on the tiles...would end up adding a technicolor yawn down the walls.
By oOo: posted on 8-4-2006

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