Israel Sub fleet chief: We can hit targets overseas (Nuclear Capabilities?)

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Israel Sub fleet chief: We can hit targets overseas (Nuclear Capabilities?)

In exclusive interview with Ynet, commander of army's most advanced, secret war machine fleet says submarines may be used in missions abroad

Submarines may be used for hitting strategic targets outside Israel's territory, chief commander of the IDF's submarine fleet, Colonel Yoni, stated. "The submarine task force is preparing for any scenario the State of Israel has defined as plausible for the army," he added.

In an interview with Ynet, Colonel Yoni revealed some of the capabilities of the Israeli army's most hi-tech and secret war machine, and hinted to the possible role of subs in future military disputes.
... Quote:
Hitting strategic targets is not always a task the Air Force or the infantry can carry outů a submarine can perform the mission, and it can also be used only for collecting intelligence and securing the forces about to carry out such a mission.
Dozens of security operations, maybe even more, were made possible due to the IDF's sub fleet. However, these offensive and defensive missions will remain in the shadow for years to come, in order to enable the force to carry out similar actions in the future.

Nuclear capabilities?

While Colonel Yoni's statements are shrouded in mystery, publications in the foreign press have already hinted Israel's Dolphin submarines have the ability to carry and launch nuclear weapons, a capability that will be put to use should the country's nuclear ground bases are hit in a surprise attack.

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Israels armed with nuclear warheads. No big surprise

Dolphin submarine. Nuclear capacities? (Photo: IDF's Spokesperson Unit)
By YCON: posted on 2-3-2006

This is quite appropriate with the latest saber rattling over Iran.

Just how effective would Israels subs be in a quick war with Iran? Could they be used to send missiles into the Iranian heartland?

I haven't seen any analysis of the Submarine service in the media.
By netchicken: posted on 13-7-2008

Israel will be able to remove Tehran if Iran attacks Israel. She doesn't have enough subs to have enough deployed to strike numerous targets in numerous countries, but since the countries don't really know which will be struck, it is hoped that the uncertainty will keep them on the side lines.

Iran and its terrorist organizations are a little different than the other, "saner" Islamic countries. Iran thinks that the destruction of Israel is a religious requirement, regardless of whatever negative reaction it triggers.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 13-7-2008

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