The Acabion Motorcycle - 0-280mph in 10 sec.

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The Acabion Motorcycle - 0-280mph in 10 sec.

Wow now that's a fast motorcycle. At speeds of 300 mph we will need tube highways, enclosed for security not only for those that may get in the way but also for those driving them. Imagine a accident at that speed.

... Quote:
Claiming to be the next step in the evolution of efficient human transport, the Acabion comes off as an airplane fuselage mounted over a ridiculously fast motorcycle.

Appearing at this year’s Geneva auto show, the German-made Acabion is a synthesis of “aeronautic and bionic concepts,” which apparently adds up to a two-passenger vehicle that can do 280 mph at half throttle. The Acabion's fuel economy is a praiseworthy 62 mpg.

While the Acabion has certainly captured our attention, the tease factor is painfully high: while we know it can go from 180-280 mph in 10 seconds, and what the drag coefficient is, how about 0-60? What will it cost? And (although I can pretty easily guess) what exactly are the little wheels in the back?

The Acabion is traditional internal combustion but has an electric motor for slow speeds in pedestrian areas so that no one gets impaled. The carbon fiber body and safety features are modeled after formula-one racers (which if you doubt, you should see pictures of the recent Los Angeles Enzo crash).

While the Acabion may be on to something with the idea of single and double occupancy vehicles, it’s not clear how going 300 mph fits into the picture at this point. (click through for more pics) :: Acabion via tipster Lascelles Linton

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By YCON: posted on 7-3-2006

OMG thats amazing!!!!

Not too sure if they actually have one beyond the mock up stage though

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By netchicken: posted on 7-3-2006

I thought you'd like that motorcycle. I doubt it sees the road for a long time. It's much too fast for our highways
By YCON: posted on 7-3-2006

More on the Acaban ...
Its got a 1.4 litre engine!

It's not easy being green if you're driving a £1million supercar at 342mph.

Or so you might have thought. But the Acabion GTBO can hit staggering speeds at up to 90 miles per gallon - the sort of fuel consumption you'd be thrilled to achieve in a small, super-efficient diesel car.

Accelerating from 0-224mph in 20 seconds, it will leave any Ferrari standing

Even though the Swiss car can hit almost 350mph, its top speed is limited to 292mph -still far quicker than the world's current fastest road car, the 253mph Bugatti Veyron.

It also trumps the huge Bugatti's 16.4litre engine - with a capacity of just 1.4 litres.

Although its engineer Dr Peter Maskus insists it is a supercar, it has more in common with a motorbike, with a motorcycle engine, wheels, tyres and bike-style in-line seats.

But it also has two smaller wheels on hydraulic arms that stay up at speed but can be lowered to aid stability while travelling more slowly or if balance is lost.

It also has a separate 2kw electric motor for short, low-speed journeys and reversing.

The Acabion emits fewer greenhouse gases than a family saloon, leading its makers to claim it could be the future of motoring.

Dr Maskus said: "I've driven lots of supersports cars but they're all totally inefficient.

"They still originate from the horse-drawn carriage, with four big wheels and a wide, rectangular shape. To build a supercar that is super-wide is not understanding physics at all.

"In nature, everything that is fast --sharks, falcons and cheetahs - is lean."

Around 26 will be built over the next four years, each with a £130,000, 26-speaker hi-fi.

At 62mph, it can travel almost 1,500 miles on a 90-litre tankful - around 75mpg.

But as for being the future of motoring, we'll have to wait and see.

It may be frighteningly fast and frugal, but there is little room for luggage. So it will get you to Sainsbury's quicker than anyone else but you'll have nowhere to put the shopping.

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By netchicken: posted on 14-6-2007

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