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Smart Cars: Coming to the U.S.

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Good news for the "smaller is better" crowd: The fuel-efficient Smart Car is (finally) on its way to our shores. Smart-Automobile LLC announced today that its Smart For Two Coupe / Convertible, available in Europe since 1998, is ready to be imported to the United States.

Much of the delay involved learning how to modify the cars and tooling the proprietary Smart diagnostic system to ensure the cars meet U.S. safety and emissions standards.

"There has been a great deal of excitement about the Smart Car coming to the United States, and I want to congratulate our partners and future customers for their hard work and patience in reaching this point," said Smart-Automobile President Thomas Heidemann.

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New Smart Cars for Americans. They get 60 mpg and speeds up to 85 mph and a minimum cost of $15,000US to fully loaded $25,000US

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By YCON: posted on 18-3-2006

Well if it could not succeed in Europe (where we love the small car) its hardly going to break any records in the US.

For some reason this car seems to have failed to gain any kind of 'cult' or 'cute' status in Europe and just manages to be small and bland. :sc
By Alfaguy: posted on 22-4-2006

I think it's the gas prices that will have the US loving this car
By YCON: posted on 22-4-2006

Not so smart if you have a HO with a truck or SUV. Also not so smart if you've been supersizing your meals most of your life.
By oOo: posted on 23-4-2006

Unless you are always traveling alone and only buy one sac of groceries at a time, not smart at all.
A Honda Rebel motorcycle will get better mileage, transport the same amount of stuff with you and is more fun. :)
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 23-4-2006

I am seeing them now in Germany In think they really good! Small fast, there is a video in the google forum of it hitting a wall at 70miles an hour (I think) and still being safe for the people.

However I think it will have a limited market they are really glorified shopping baskets.

Its facinating seeing cars on the autobahns. Its like seeing them in their natural environment, shooting out from under bridges like bullets, a real buzz for someone from a society where they are restriceted to 100kmh
By netchicken: posted on 24-4-2006

Smart cars? What about a few smart 'politicians'? Might serve the Nation better in the long run.

By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 25-4-2006

Hey Tut good to see you. :j Yes smart politicians are in short supply
By YCON: posted on 25-4-2006

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