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The history of Scientology

The wacko religion gets a makeover in this funny PDF that is really well done!

Download here
Its a 4 meg file though.

(let me know if the link fails)

scientology.jpg - 48.38kb
By netchicken: posted on 20-3-2006

I fixed the link!
By netchicken: posted on 20-3-2006

LOL that was pretty good. I should start my own religion :P
By YCON: posted on 20-3-2006

The Southpark Scientology episode!!

Southpark Scientology video

southpark-scientology.jpg - 31.44kb
By netchicken: posted on 20-3-2006

i sounds like some wacko jacko mumbo jumbo that some stoners thought up during a "parsley" session.

By Razalin: posted on 12-4-2006


this person who made up this religion must have been totally wasted and then did crack and then got high to get a story like THAT
By ayyjayy: posted on 14-4-2007

Sadly, there are many religions like this. One in particular I have experience with is "Pastafarianism".

No I did not mistype that, its the worshiping of the giant spaghetti monster, and was written as a prank book. Unfortunately, many wandering souls have found that this book is the true word of god, or the great pasta, and have devoted their lives to it. Much more common, however, are people "switching" to this religion for attention.

Which brings me to nameless jackass number one, who we'll call jack. Jack was an idiot at my school; he collected samurai swords, played video games, had a medical condition where he has developed man boobs, and was held back at least two years. One year he switched to pastafarianism, bought the book, then began toting the thing around school for the rest of high school. When people would ask, he would preach. When people would try and call it stupid, he would argue. When people took him seriously, and tried to convert him back to Christianity or whatever religion they happened to believe in, he would turn it right around and try to show said Christian/Catholic/Jew that they had it wrong and they should buy the book. If he had been doing this to prove a point, I might have been ok with it, but I know the guy. He was and still probably is an idiot, and did it for attention. He did it to stick out. That's why so many people join these cults, not because they actually believe it, though some do, but because they are simply ****ed up in the head, want attention, want to belong, and need acceptance.
By peregrine: posted on 20-6-2009

I helped build Ron Hubbard s Tomb in Petrolia California as well as the landing zone for when the aliens come.
By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 27-6-2009

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