Torment a starbucks employee hoax

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Torment a starbucks employee hoax


A guy gets the names and email addresses of all Starbucks employees Using a fake emailer he torments a human resources employee by sending emails with the name of the CEO on it.

This poor guy must have thought he had entered email hell, with the CEO telling him to shave his goatee off.

It gets really painful when he tells the victim to fire another employee. Surely by putting it on his website he is open to legal issues?

At one stage he wats a key to the employees apartment so he (The CEO) can go around during the day abd bonk his mistress.
By netchicken: posted on 22-3-2006

Here is the last email of his where he really goes off the wall...

... Quote:
Fantastic Roger! That's wonderful how fast and efficient you are. Now you can concentrate on the other things I need you to do.

They are as follows:

1. Write a list of all the cheaters and overbillers in your department as well as people you don't think are doing a good job. I want names.

2. Follow Ms. Crisholm in your car and find out where she goes after work.

3. Fire the fat girl(s) at the 5th street Starbucks. Fire any fat girls you see on the way.

4. Spend the day walking through the offices and find all employees with facial hair. Tell them they have 24 hours to shave or they're fired. Afterwards, see who shaved, but fire them anyway.

5. Spend a weekend tailing Ms. Crisholm. Make sure the heater is working in your car. It's chilly outside.

6. Tell my secretary she's fired. I don't have the heart to do it myself.

7. Please write a memo to the payroll department specifying that your salary is to be paid in espresso beans.

8. Enroll in massage therapy school. I have a bad back. I will reimburse you for expenses.

9. Fire your supervisor, but first see if you can lure her into sexually harassing you. Try to get pictures.

10. Show up to my lecture and give my speech on business ethics. At end of speech, drop pants to ankles and shuffle all the way home.
By netchicken: posted on 22-3-2006

LOL poor guy, I hope he didn't do all them things
By YCON: posted on 22-3-2006

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