Was Mars destroyed by a comet strike

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Was Mars destroyed by a comet strike

This is an interesitng article that basically posits that a comet, or parts thereof, struck mars as soon as 20,000 years ago. So mars isn't an ancient dead planet, but a recently dead planet.

The strike was in the area of Hellas (see map below)

Looks like a good read with some interesting facts.

In a new study aerospace engineer Gary R. Spexarth re-examines the evidence of the Martian cataclysm.

The heavily-cratered surface of Mars is generally estimated to be over 3 billion years old, he notes:
... Quote:
But what if it isn't 3 billion years old.

What if the impacts did not occur slowly throughout the life of the planet but rather occurred suddenly, in a short amount of time.

We may find that the current surface of Mars may only be thousands of years old instead of billions! Maybe in the near past it still had running water and an atmosphere! The implications of such are astounding!"

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By netchicken: posted on 29-3-2006

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