Flooding Hits Several Countries in Europe

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Flooding Hits Several Countries in Europe

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic - Czech officials declared a state of emergency in seven flood-hit regions while rivers continued to rise in neighboring European countries on Monday, forcing evacuations in some areas.

The state of emergency affects seven of the Czech Republic's 14 regions, including the hard-hit Usti region in the north and the South Moravian region. The situation in Prague, however, was stable, authorities said.

The flooding, which started last week, was caused by quickly melting snow in the Czech mountains and rain in most of the country. So far, it has not been as serious as flooding four years ago.

In 2002, floods devastated a large part of the Czech Republic, killed at least 16 people and caused billions in damage. At the time, the Elbe River reached 40 feet in some areas.

Rescuers in the western Czech town of Kraslice near the border with Germany were searching for a 6-year-old boy believed to have fallen into the swollen Svatava river, the CTK news agency reported.

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Major flooding in several countries

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By YCON: posted on 4-4-2006

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