Sharon to Undergo Surgery Tuesday

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Sharon to Undergo Surgery Tuesday

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JERUSALEM - Comatose Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will undergo surgery Tuesday to restore part of his skull removed in previous operations after he suffered a debilitating stroke, his hospital said Monday in a statement.

The operation is to be conducted in the afternoon, the statement said. Sharon suffered the stroke on Jan. 4 and has not regained consciousness


I wonder if it is necassary to replace the peice of skull at this time.
By YCON: posted on 4-4-2006

Doctors Reattach Part of Sharon's Skull

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JERUSALEM - Doctors reattached a piece of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's skull on Wednesday, a day after the surgery was delayed because of a respiratory infection, hospital officials said.

The operation was the eighth for Sharon since he suffered a debilitating stroke on Jan. 4. Doctors had removed the piece of skull during a previous operation on his brain.

"The surgery that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was supposed to have yesterday took place today and ended successfully a short while ago," Hadassah Hospital said in a statement.

Sharon was taken back to his room in the intensive care unit, where he has been hospitalized since his massive stroke.


Does anyone think sharon will survive his stroke?
By YCON: posted on 6-4-2006

Maybe. I wonder if expecting him to make much of a recovery at the age of 78 is too big an ask.
By oOo: posted on 6-4-2006

yea at 78 there's not much chance, but I get the feeling he will be back
By YCON: posted on 6-4-2006

Tomorrow (March 11th,2006), Arik Sharon will be declared "permanently incapacitated".

Under Israeali law Ehud Olmert can only be acting PM for up to 100 days, before an official replacement for Sharon has to be named - this would be on Friday.

But since Pessach (Passover) holiday will start with sunset on Wednesday, the the declaration of permanent incapacitation has been moved up to Tuesday.....of course with the proviso that it not take effect if Sharon's condition improves before the deadline.

Experts say Sharon's chances of recovery are extremely slim, but (Israel is where hope - hatikva - is the National Anthem)
..... there is still hope.
By Riwka: posted on 11-4-2006

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