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Money On Halt For 'Hamastan'

Probably it won't be long until the world opens the pockets again.

But for a very short moment they do the right thing:

... Quote:

On Friday, the U.S. State Department announced a cut of some $300 million in aid to the Palestinians.

The EU Commission said it had halted payments to the government because the new cabinet had not recognized Israel's right to exist or renounced violence. Hamas' charter officially calls for Israel's destruction.

Aid out of Hamas' reach

The United States has earmarked $234 million in aid to the Palestinians for 2006, none of it going directly to the Palestinian Authority.

The European Union and its member nations earmark about $615 million in yearly aid. A breakdown based on figures from the U.S. government, European governments and the European Commission:

UNITED STATES: Of the 2006 total, $150 million (-123.2 million) goes to construction, training government officials and other projects, plus $84 million in humanitarian assistance paid through the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees.

EUROPEAN COMMISSION: $148 million in 2006, including $21.6 million in direct aid to the caretaker Fatah-led Palestinian Authority. It gave $345 million in 2005.

GERMANY: $76 million, plus $56.6 million given through nongovernmental organizations and UN agencies.

FRANCE: $73.9 million, including $30.8 million in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority, $6.2 million to the World Bank, $6.2 million to UN agencies.

BRITAIN: $61.6 million, half of which goes to UN agencies.

NETHERLANDS: $40.6 million, with $6.2 million of it going to the Palestinian government and the rest to UN agencies and aid groups.

SWEDEN: $30.3 million to UN agencies, plus $35.7 million given through NGOs.

ITALY: $27 million.

BELGIUM: $13 million.

DENMARK: $4.1 million.

FINLAND: $7.4 million - half to Palestinian Authority projects, the rest to UN agencies.

GREECE: $6.8 million, through aid groups.

IRELAND: $4.9 million in aid, of which $923,400 in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority, the rest via aid groups, UN agencies.

LUXEMBOURG: $3.7 million, through aid groups.

SPAIN: $2.5 million, to World Bank trust fund for the Palestinian Authority.

LATVIA, LITHUANIA, HUNGARY, ESTONIA, and CYPRUS: Combined total of about $876,000.

No figures available from Austria, Czech Republic, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia.

By Riwka: posted on 9-4-2006

The PA today confirmed it could not pay March salaries.

They can even not pay the salaries of 140,000 government employees by mid-April, after promised aid from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The pledged sum of $80 million is far to small to cover salaries and benefits that come to about e 118 million.

... Quote:

Amin Makhboul, a clerk with the Interior Ministry in Nablus, said he believed the Palestinian people would throw Hamas out of power if the situation deteriorated further. The ministry didn't even have office paper due to the lack of funds, Makhboul said.

"We will have a great mess without salaries," Makhboul said. "Hamas won't be able to stay in power more than three or four months like this."

Jerusalem Post

It is important to know, that the suspension of EU payments would not affect humanitarian aid sent to non-governmental organisations or to UN relief agencies in the Palestinian territories - there won't be hunger any time soon in the PA

EU foreign ministers are scheduled to discuss future assistance at a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday. One can only hope they will not open their pockets until Hamas recognises the right of Israel to exist, renounce violence and commit itself to the peace process.
By Riwka: posted on 10-4-2006

Today, EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg confirmed the freeze in aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

... Quote:

"The Palestinian people have opted for this government, so they will have to bear the consequences," said Bot as he left an EU foreign ministers meeting.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials said Monday that a portion of the tax revenues being withheld from the Palestinian government will be released to pay PA debts to Israeli utility companies.

a portion of the tax revenues can now be used to cover PA debts to Israeli electric and water companies as well as to hospitals.

The money can also be used to pay outstanding Palestinian bills to fuel firm Dor Alon.


The Russian Foreign Ministry said the Quartet ( EU, U.S: Russia and the UN) may meet in New York this month to work out a united strategy.

The Israeli cabinet has agreed that foreign envoys that meet with Hamas officials would be denied access to Israeli officials.
By Riwka: posted on 11-4-2006

Behind it all Hamas winning the election was the best thing that could happen to Israel. now that they are suddenly accountable to the rest of the world their violent manifesto is coming home to roost.
By netchicken: posted on 11-4-2006

While Iran and also Qatar said they would each give the Palestinian government $50 million in aid to help make up for a shortfall after the United States and the European Union cut off funding

... Quote:

[and] State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said American diplomats "would seek a little clarity" from Qatar "as to exactly what their intentions are, to whom they actually intend to give this money, and under what circumstances."

the Japanese government plans to suspend any new financial support to the PA, in line with similar policies adopted by the U.S. and EU, aimed at forcing the Hamas-led government to change its anti-Israel stance.

... Quote:

The [Japanese] government donated 53 billion yen (US$449.55 million), including grants-in-aid and technical assistance, to the Palestinian Authority from 1993 to 2004, with the aim of promoting the peace process by helping improve infrastructure.

In 2004 the Japanese government spent about nine billion yen (US$76.34 million) of grants-in-aid, including providing foodstuffs and about 250 million yen (US$2.12 million) in technical assistance for the construction of Palestinian hospitals, schools and roads as well as repairing the presidential office.

Way to go, Japan :cool:

Furthermore, the U.S. government has barred Americans from doing most business with the new Hamas-led Palestinian government, including at technocrat level..

... Quote:

In a memo obtained by The Associated Press, the U.S. Treasury Department said "transactions with the Palestinian Authority by U.S. persons are prohibited, unless licensed." It said the decision was based on "existing terrorism sanctions."

By Riwka: posted on 19-4-2006

In contravention to international consensus Russian announced that it would provide immediate assistence to the Hamas Government in the tune of $10 million, which is the same amount of aid given by Russia pre-Hamas to the PA.
... Quote:
Washington Times
Russia said it will grant the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority urgent financial aid, in opposition to British and U.S. policy.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the pledge to authority President Mahmoud Abbas in a telephone call, Moscow said.

Britain and the United States cut off aid after Hamas took power on March 30 because the militant group refused to renounce violence or recognize the state of Israel, the BBC reported.
"Hamas should ... recognize Israel and sit down at the negotiating table," Lavrov said. "But for that, it's necessary to work with them."

I cant imagine this to be anything other than pure partisan politics meant to infuriate the EU and the USA. Such tactics would in reality do little to harm its intended victims but in contrast actually will do more damage to the Palestininas themselves.
If the attacks as those faced on Monday continue, and they will with the present funding from Iran, Russia etc, Israel will be forced to retaliate and what ever pressure they are under now to keep the peace would no longer contain them thus making life difficult for the Palestinians people.

Another thing that is ironic is thought the Hamas leaders go around the world with a begging bowl in hand the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, spends lavishly on entertaining guests and touring the world!
By IAF: posted on 20-4-2006

oh yes.

And the pals in Saudia agreed to give the Palestinian Authority USD 92.4 million in aid.

Right now, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw meets the Saudis.

And of course, he suggests:

... Quote:

"Normalize relations with Hamas," British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw urged Thursday.

"Hamas is now heading a government, and we want to maintain normal relations with them as we did with the previous government,"


But he did not answer the question of what to do to have "normal relations" with a terrorist group...

And meanwhile,

Iranian group seeks British Muslims to attack Israel.

While Iran forbids their citizen to enter the "Zionist Country", people with British passports will be able to enter Israel without any problems.
By Riwka: posted on 20-4-2006

Nabil Amr, (an top aide to Abbas) said it is not possible for the PA to receive bring funds into the West Bank and Gaza from Egypt. (Qatar has donated $50 million and Iran has promised at least $50 million) since the militant Islamic group Hamas took power. He said the U.S. issued a stern warning to international financial institutions not to deal with them. Local and regional banks have followed the Arab Bank's lead, balking at working with the new government for fear of facing U.S. sanctions and lawsuits.

... Quote:

U.S. Treasury Department spokeswoman Molly Millerwise said: "If an organization or individual is facilitating direct fundraising for Hamas, they open themselves up to action by the United States."

By naming Hamas a "specially designated global terrorist" entity in 2001, President George W. Bush empowered the Treasury Department to impose financial sanctions against entities and individuals "that support" the Islamic militant group.

Under U.S. law, any foreign bank that refuses to cooperate with the United States in cutting off funding to Hamas could have its U.S. assets frozen and its access to U.S. financial markets denied.

U.S. banks that maintain "correspondent" relationships with banned foreign banks could also be found in breach of U.S. law.

By Riwka: posted on 24-4-2006

March salaries to 165,000 PA government workers have gone unpaid while April wages are due next week.

The donated funds had even been converted to euros from U.S. dollars in a bid to get around the U.S. banking restrictions, but still the Hamas-led PA government cannot access the more than $200 million Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have pledged

So they send their foreign Hamas- minister on a tour of Arab and Muslim countries to drum up funds.

Seems to be he collected a bit, ..................but:

... Quote:

$450,000 said stolen from PA foreign minister during visit to Kuwait

Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar has had $450,000 stolen from his hotel room during his current visit to Kuwait, the Itim news agency quoted the Kuwaiti media as saying Wednesday.

According to the report, al-Zahar had asked the Kuwaiti authorities to keep the theft under wraps, but the incident was confirmed by a security official at the hotel.


... probably Suha Arafat could bring some money that was once upon the time thought to reach the poor Palestinians.

An other possibility would be just to recognize Israel, disarm and accept peace deals.
By Riwka: posted on 27-4-2006

It would only be a matter of time...and of course it was the French who suggested to simply cave in and start paying again without any concessions from Hamas...:

... Quote:

Reuters: Chirac suggests World Bank channels Palestine aid

French President Jacques Chirac suggested on Friday that the World Bank could channel funds to the Palestinian Authority to help it pay salaries held up by foreign objections to the Hamas-led government.

France will raise the issue during talks May 9 with the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia.

Abbas, on fundrising tour through Europe, suggested that one option for getting funds quickly would be to have them sent to his office for further distribution to ministries controlled by Hamas

With this trick thge Hamas government would be able to pay the salaries they could not pay since the U.S. and the EU stopped sending money to a government that is lead by a terror organisation.

Intersting enough, the Hamas-led government, which has been unable to pay March salaries to 165,000 Palestinian government employees and will also be unable to pay the April salaries, rejected the offfer:

... Quote:

Hamas rejects Chirac's call for funding Palestinians through World Bank account

Spokesman for the Palestinian cabinet Ghazi Hamad said in an interview with Palestinian radio Voice of Palestine that Chirac's call "shows the government as irrelevant regarding the Palestinian situation, salaries and responsibility over the money."

"We feel that some countries and organizations try to bypass the government,"

"If the international organization controlled the process of transferring money, then our economy will comply with their policies, and this would be a serious matter," Hamad said.

For Hamas, there will never be a reason to recognize Israel, as long as the world sends money to pay the members of terror-organisations.
By Riwka: posted on 30-4-2006

Another promient member of the PA government that was sent on fundraising tour to Canada and the U.S. is Hanan Ashrawi, a daughter of a Christian of Lebanese descent mother and her father was one of the founders of the PLO.

The Canadian Toronto Star named her a prominent Palestinian human rights activist...and since the Canadian and the U.S. adiministration refuse to send money to terror-organisations, she has an other goal for fundraisíng:

She tries to raise money for a 'charity' with the innocent-sounding name "Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF)."

But that organisation is not at all as innocent as it sounds:

... Quote:

Front Page Magazin (2003): Recuiting for Jihad

[...]In 1991, the PCRF considered two entities

“ASSISTING ORGANIZATIONS”-- The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and Global Relief Foundation --

that were closed down by the U.S. government for funding terrorist groups.

Another assisting organization, the International [Islamic] Relief Organization, was raided by the FBI, accused of filtering money to al-Qaeda, Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Hamas. The New York Post records that the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) has been named in a lawsuit put forward by the families of the 9/11 victims for having “played key roles in laundering of funds to the terrorists in the 1998 African embassy bombings” and having been involved in the “financing and ‘aiding and abetting’ of terrorists in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.”

On its website, the PCRF says it “works with these organizations” and acknowledges their “support and cooperation.”

In addition, the PCRF received thousands of dollars from the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). “Throughout the 1980s, the [ADC] lent its name to political-support campaigns for Soviet-backed guerrilla organizations around the world from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the PFLP to Marxist revolutionaries in Latin America,” according to the December 17, 2001, edition of Insight Magazine.[...]

Jonathan S. Tobin in todays Jerusalem Post : The limits of sympathy
By Riwka: posted on 1-5-2006

Today, the Arab League announced the immediate transfer of $150,000 to the PA for essential medical care.

... Quote:

Reuters: Palestinian PM sees salary crunch end "very soon"

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said on Sunday he expected the funding crisis that has crippled his administration and prevented employees' salaries being paid for more than a month to be over "very, very soon".

Also Sunday,Syria - home to Hamas' exiled leadership, including current boss Khaled Mashaal - launched a weeklong fundraiser for the Palestinians. Thousands of Syrians are expected to donate by the end of the week.

It will be intersting to see which ways that money goes to reach the PA - recent donations by Muslim countries have not made it into government coffers because of US pressure on Arab banks not to transfer the money.
By Riwka: posted on 1-5-2006

Unlike others, U.S. President Bush refuses to back down from a clearly stated position.

... Quote:

The United States has rejected a proposal by the European Commission to use PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas as the interface for transferring foreign aid to the PA while bypassing the Hamas government,

Bush says U.S. will not deal with Hamas

"Hamas has made it clear that they do not acknowledge the right of Israel to exist,

and I made it clear that so long as that's their policy we will have no contact with the leaders of Hamas"


Yes, the Hamas made it very clear:

... Quote:

AFP: Hamas chief says suicide bombings 'a natural right'

[Khaled Meshaal:]

"Our enemies ... don't understand that a suicide operation ... is a natural right,"

By Riwka: posted on 5-5-2006

want the English to open their pockets?

Easy.... Just burn their flags
(click on image to read about flag burning after the service in GazaCity last Friday - Photo: AFP/Mohammed Abed)

... Quote:

Britain backs Palestinian trust fund

A PROPOSED trust fund for donors to pay overdue Palestinian salaries would undercut Hamas, not strengthen it, says a British document meant to increase pressure on the US to drop objections to the plan.

Britain circulated the memo on the proposal, aimed at averting a collapse of basic services provided by the Palestinian Authority, to major donors before tomorrow's meeting of the Quartet of Middle East mediators.


Remember, the people just collected $60.000 during a ralley in one of the Westbank towns last Saturday.

Tomorrow, the Quartet will meet to discuss the situation.

Probably the world will open their pockets again, without expecting the Hamas to recognize Israel or to do anythingng in return for peace:

The European Commission, which has suspended direct aid to the Hamas government, has made a clear suggestion that some contacts with Hamas ministers from the Palestinian Authority should now be considered.

The EU even plans to go it alone, if talks tomorrow on setting up an international mechanism for easing their financial plight will fail.

The World Bank is among the pro-Palestinian forces that started the big push to legitimize Hamas ahead of the meeting on Tuesday.

... Quote:

In a memo circulated among major donors and obtained by Reuters, the World Bank also said an existing aid program could be expanded to pay for the salaries of employees of the Hamas-led government.

In March, the World Bank projected that by the end of 2006 Palestinian poverty and unemployment levels would rise to 67 and 40 percent, and personal incomes would drop by 30 percent.


hmmm. Yes. The World Bank has a short memory. They already have forgotten how the Palestinians vandalized the greenhouses they paid for last year after we left the GazaStrip.:sc
By Riwka: posted on 8-5-2006



Palestinian foreign minister Mahmoud Zahar claimed that 250,000 kilos of gold were smuggled out of Gaza last summer following Israel's pullout.

250,000 kilos

current price per ounce is $682.40

That would be worth $5.3 billion dollars.
By Riwka: posted on 8-5-2006

- And the world- pockets are open again:

... Quote:

Quartet agrees to channel aid to Palestinians

TED NATIONS (Reuters) - The quartet of Middle East peace brokers agreed on Tuesday on a way to channel aid to the Palestinians for a trial period to ease a financial squeeze on the new government following the election of Hamas.

The group of international mediators — the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations — issued a statement after a day of talks in which Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia [oh yes, this are the always right ones to hearat!] warned of a civil war if the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority was left to collapse.

“The quartet expressed its willingness to endorse a temporary international mechanism that is limited in scope and duration, operates with full transparency and accountability,” said the quartet statement.

The move came after the World Bank warned on Monday that the Palestinian Authority could face a breakdown in law and order and basic services unless foreign donors step in to pay the salaries of about 165,000 civil servants.

The United States, which initially opposed a European proposal to channel aid to the Palestinians via an international mechanism such as the World Bank, said any such move would have to be limited in scope and mechanism so aid would not reach the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

“The thrust of the statement is that the international community is still trying to respond to the needs of the Palestinian people,” U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told a news conference at the United Nations with other quartet members.

“It is to provide assistance to the Palestinian people so they do not suffer deprivation,” she said.

By Riwka: posted on 10-5-2006

Ok, if they didn't have the backbone to see the mission to the end, why did they even bother trying to give the appearance? They accomplished, Hamas has changed none; all they have done is demonstrated a lack of conviction and determination.

Whimps. :yak
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 10-5-2006

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