Israel Develops Force Field Defense System

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Israel Develops Force Field Defense System

This new defense system is like a force field or bubble that protects tanks and stuff from getting hit by missles and grenades. Check out the video (takes a few minutes to load)
By YCON: posted on 9-4-2006

Wow thats amazing. Interesting how they wouldn't say what was being fired at the incoming RPG. I wonder if it is a form of lasar, otherwise it would have to move very fast and you would quickly see what it is.


Specific details about the composition and mechanism of this explosive interceptor device are vague. From the briefing provided by US sources, Defense Update understands that Trophy is design to form a "beam" of fragments, which will intercept any incoming HEAT threat, including RPG rockets at a range of 10 – 30 meters from the protected platform.

The Trophy development roadmap considers an enhanced countermeasure unit to be available in the future, and protect against kinetic energy (KE) threats. Trophy was designed to effectively operate in a dense urban environment, where armored vehicles operate closely with integrated infantry forces.

Therefore, direction, formation and energy of the fragments are designed to ensure effective target kill with low collateral damage, and low risk to nearby troops.

While not in use, the system is maintained in the stowed position, protected by an armor shield. The system has an automatic reload mechanism to handle multiple attacks.
By netchicken: posted on 9-4-2006

Didn't they say something about kinetic energy or something like that.
By YCON: posted on 9-4-2006

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