Gulf Stream slow down, one year later

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Gulf Stream slow down, one year later

I am sure that many of you remember the article from last year that told us that the Gulf Stream, the ocean current that keeps Western Europe from being an ice cube, was slowing down due to the dilution of the ocean's salinity.

Times online

The idea is very alarming as hundreds of millions, if not billions of lives would be endangered.

What I find very interesting, though, is that it is now one year since the news article reporting on the study, and nobody seems to be interested in giving us an update. Could it be that the study was a bit flawed but reported as concrete anyway?

Here is a site that discusses ocean currents. The page that covers the Gulf Stream is interesting to me, and the last paragraph says a lot. I am not saying that last year's story was not true and correct, I just have to wonder if maybe it was premature.

... Quote:
The region of the Gulf Stream's branch point is highly dynamic and subject to rapid change. The high degree of mesoscale activity, along with rapid changes in the major surface currents, make this a very difficult region to study. Part of this variability arises from the high amount of eddy activity. Eddy kinetic energy along both the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Current is at peak values here (Richardson 1983). There is also the presence of elongated, high-pressure cells along the offshore side of the North Atlantic Current (Worthington 1976; Clarke et al. 1980; Baranov and Ginkul 1984; Krauss et al. 1987). These pressure cells may be linked to outbursts of Labrador Current water from the Grand Banks (Krauss et al. 1987) that lead to extensive mixing at the end of the Gulf Stream.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 10-4-2006

This is really interesting, you would expect blow by blow analysis on the web, but you are right, its all gone quiet.

Maybe changes are only detectable over a longer time period.
By netchicken: posted on 10-4-2006

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