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Australian Bushmaster infantry mobility vehicle

Wow, looks liket he aussies have built their own equipment and have it in Iraq. Guess Trev and Bruce have been busy knocking them up out behind the hotel.

Army Technology

The first of 300 Bushmaster vehicles was delivered to the Australian Army in August 2004 and the vehicle was operationally deployed to Iraq in April 2005. By July 2005 the first 20 vehicles had been delivered and a further 32 had completed manufacture. The production line at Bendigo is completing one vehicle every two days and deliveries are scheduled to complete in 2007.

The US Army and Iraqi defence officials have expressed interest in the Bushmaster after observing its capabilities with the Australian Army

The Australian Army had tested the vehicle over thousands of kilometres in extreme climatic conditions and terrain, from sub-zero mountain areas to desert and tropical conditions in north Australia, prior to placing a contract with ADI Limited. The 300 Australian Army Bushmaster infantry mobility vehicles will be in six variants: troop transport, ambulance, direct fire, mortar, engineer and command.

With a road cruise speed of 90km/h, the Bushmaster transports troops, quickly and comfortably and is suitable for deployment in complex, diffuse and lethal operational environments such as Iraq. The Bushmaster family of vehicles provides high-level protection against anti-tank mines, improvised explosive devices, mortar fragments and small arms fire.

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By netchicken: posted on 11-4-2006

Nice bushmaster
By YCON: posted on 12-4-2006

Do you think it will ever be as popular as a hummer? They must be the equivilent of those Bradly fighting vehicles.
By netchicken: posted on 12-4-2006

Na, The hummer is much prettier, but considering all the hits this thread has gotten in the last 12 hours, maybe.
By YCON: posted on 12-4-2006

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