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Hamas has a telethon?

Get this. A telethon is sponsored by the Arab League:

... Quote:
The new Hamas government, cash-strapped and increasingly isolated, has turned to ordinary people for financial help, launching a fundraising drive on Web sites and Arab satellite TV stations, a spokesman said Thursday.

The appeal, which is sponsored by the Arab League, comes at a time when the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority is not only being shunned by the West, but Hamas leaders are also getting the cold shoulder in some Arab capitals.

Arab governments have been reluctant to make good on pledges of financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, apparently in part because they see Hamas as part of a global Islamic movement that is challenging autocratic Arab regimes. In addition, some Arab countries are reluctant to cross the United States.


Get real. The Palestinian Arabs' "brothers" aren't helping them financially because they never do. Isreal is the country that has always insured that the people have everything from food to internet access, the Arab countries use them as walking bombs and political propaganda tools. All the other above-noted reasons are secondary to the long-standing reasons for allowing them to twist in the wind.

Now, rather than simply reach into their own coffers, Arab TV airs a telethon. Who primarily controls the media in nations where the people don't control the government or the media? Uh-huh. So, who are they expecting to cough up the money for the propganda tool puppet government? That's right, other Arab people.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 14-4-2006

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