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UFO or stealth crashes in Russia

If its US tech, what the heck was it doing in Russia anyway?


Remains of Kaliningrad UFO Taken to Prominent Moscow Institute
by James L. Choron

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (Tuesday, April 29, 2003) Almost ten full days into the ongoing investigation of the Unidentified Flying Object which fell, unexpectedly, into Kalingrad harbor, near the suburb of Baltisk, there are still more questions surrounding the incident than answers. Diving operations, at the scene, were suspended on Friday, owing to the apparent lack of any large pieces of debris, while dredging continues. Coverage on Russian State Television RTR, and other national networks has substantially decreased, with only the occasional mention of the fact that "operations continue".

Debris recovered, to date, have been transferred from the crash area to the prestigious "Baumann Institute" in Moscow, one of the foremost Engineering facilities in the world, specializing in aerodynamic and aeronautical engineering, and to the Russian National Space Agency facility in the Moscow suburb of Korolev. Both facilities are equipped to do thorough and definitive studies of the composition of the materials used in construction of the craft, which is described as having been of the "flying wing" design. The relative size of the debris recovered, generally less than one meter in diameter, has hindered any reconstruction of the craft, as such, as has the absence of any debris from the craft's power plant.

Speculation is still high that the craft was of earthly manufacture, and represents a "next generation" in Western "stealth" technology, as the materials recovered to date are all of known origin, although much purer in quality than similar metals that are commercially available. According to Ministry of Defense spokesmen, all materials recovered, to date, are consistent with current aircraft technology, however, are of a much higher quality than previously seen.

With the exception of differences in size and minor configurational differences, the craft observed at Kalingrad strongly resembles the experimental X-47A aircraft, dubbed Pegasus, which successfully completed its initial flight on February 23, 2003, at the NAVAIR Pacific test range in Southern California. There is also a strong physical resemblance to an earlier version of the UAV aircraft which was unveiled Le Bourget airport, in Paris, during the June 19, 2001 Paris Air Show by the Northrop Grumman Corporation.

While the possibility of the craft being of earthly manufacture is being investigated, and, in fact, treated quite seriously, there is still the far greater possibility that it is of extraterrestrial origin. The technology exhibited by the performance of the craft, its high speed and the total absence of sound, are, as far as is known, completely beyond the capability of any known manufacturer or design bureau in either the West or in Russia. While experiments into masking the sound of an aircraft have, in fact, been ongoing for many years, so far, no success, to an observed degree, has been known to have been achieved.

A disturbing note with regard to the release of information concerning the craft, and the incident in general is the seeming attempt to block access to such information, in the West. While information flows, more or less freely within Russia, attempts to transmit such material abroad are meeting with resistance. Many, if not all Western owned mainstream media outlets are simply not releasing information on the incident. Such information as has managed to be released, in the early stages of the investigation, was sketchy, at best, and later releases have been altered and "tampered with" after transmission, and before receipt. Such manipulation is not taking place inside the Russian Federation, but, rather, at some point after transmission. Likewise, a number of "unidentified" incursions have been made into various internet based news sources which have handled the information, with several experiencing shut-downs and various technical problems. All of these sources are U.S. based.

At this point, in the investigation, two questions arise. Who, or what "entity" would have a vested interest in keeping information regarding this incident from reaching the general public, in the West, and why? As the saying goes, "all that glitters is not gold". By the same token, it would appear that all that falls from the sky is not, necessarily of extraterrestrial origin, or if it is, there is a vested interest, at some point, in keeping this fact from being known.
By netchicken: posted on 1-5-2003

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