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Sharon's Pravda Eulogy

It appears that even a tough old war horse like Ariel Sharon has to lose at least one battle, just like all of us.
The English Version Pravda is reporting that Sharon's son will be removing his Dad from the life support system that has been keeping Sharon's body alive since he slipped into a coma after the huge stroke he suffered about three months ago.
Pravda has written what amounts to being an eulogy for the son of Russian immigrants.

... Quote:
Not many people know the real last name of the former 78-year-old Israeli Prime Minister – Sheinerman. Ariel Sheinerman comes from a family of Russian immigrants who left to live in Palestine. Sharon said in one of his interviews with the Trud newspaper last year that he would so much like to visit a small village near the town of Mogilev where his mother was born and four generations of his ancestors lived. Sharon’s grandfather served in the Russian army.

Ariel Sharon is one of the few politicians in the Middle East who managed to rise above party interests and leave delusions behind when the country was in need of changes. Sharon managed to change Israel, which is definitely something that not every politician can do.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 14-4-2006

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